Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vicky's blessed

They didn't have a dry stitch of clothing on them when they left. They were covered in dirt and had cleaned things I never dreamed they would get clean. Their clothes might never look like they did at the beginning of the day when we met at the park for our orientation. They probably have blisters on their hands from pulling weeds. And yet they were beaming, smiling from ear to ear as they wrapped up their day, loaded back into the church bus and headed home. All were talking about their upcoming return trip next month! That Joy shining throughout the entire neighborhood!

They came from about 90 minutes from here and were such an awesome blessing to Vicky. Not only did they clean the inside of the home in preparation for us to come in and finish the construction that was started by someone else months ago, they returned her flower gardens to flower gardens! The weeds had completely taken over and there would be no way Vicky would be able to bring them back herself. This team came prepared with every garden tool imaginable and got the job done. They even made the stove inside that I had thought we would have to throw out look almost like new! THAT will really bring a smile to Vicky as she loves !!! that stove!

We are deeply grateful to this team for all their hard work and look forward to their return. Their church has set aside the 4th Saturday of each month to come here and do whatever needs done. Who knows, they might even get to take part in the construction side of Vicky's home!

Yet another day of record breaking temps. Today was 104 with heat index at 110! Any way you look at it --- it's just plain hot!! I wonder if one can ever get enough water in these temps? It's the only, and I mean only, thing in our refrigerator and it seems to be constantly running out!!! And who needs even warm water in the shower!!! We humans sure are adaptable!!! :)

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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