Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday TX team

Katy, Texas. I had a boss one time who was from Houston and he mentioned the city of Katy many times over the years I worked for him. Today we met this team from Katy who braved the heat, made the drive and were quite the blessing to Mariano and Maria.
Once again we used the shelter at the local park for our orientation. The picnic tables under the shelter with the winds blowing through make it almost tolerable.
We took them to Mariano's and they did great. They even needed more materials to add framing studs to the outside in order to hang the siding. Mariano was right there with them and pleased that yet another team came to help him and his family.
Monty and I ran materials and also got things we need to remodel the tool trailer we will be using for teams. It needs shelving and just a general organization and hopefully we'll get to that sometime next week.
I know most of you have been seeing the weather from here, same forecast every day; sunshine, high temp of 99 and no rain. And there is no end in sight. As I was outside this afternoon around 2pm bending over working on something I could literally feel the sun burning my back through my tshirt! There's just no way to avoid it.
We had to take some extra measures with our own camper trailer today. All these windows are really nice when you can have them open and the breeze coming through. When you sit directly out in the sun, sort of like baking in an oven, those windows aren't so great. We got some foam insulation with foil reflection on one side, cut it to the shape of the windows and installed them on the inside of the trailer. We also installed them in our portholes out the top of the trailer. It made an immediate difference. Yes, it's more than a bit dark in here but I'd rather turn on a light and keep the intense heat out!
Tomorrow is Father's Day. I want to send out a very special Happy Father's Day to my Daddy! I sure wish we were there to celebrate with you, even though I know the word celebrate isn't what you ever expect! :) I will be thinking of all of my family, sitting around the kitchen table enjoying the feast my Mom is famous for! Daddy, I love you and miss you. Bless you!
Bless ALL Father's, tomorrow and everyday!
Until next time . . . hug your daddy tomorrow! Susan and Monty

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