Monday, June 08, 2009

Heating up in the south

Yes, the temps are rising here in the good ole' south. Today hit 95 with each day this week climbing! And what would those temps be without some humidity mixed in just to keep it interesting!

Yesteday we had quite the experience at church. We decided to try another one locally and even though we arrived only 5 minutes early it was us and 11 more --- total!!! And I guess the Pastor thought no one else was going to show up so he just started early --- we don't know how early but he was into things when we walked in! Quite interesting!!

Most of our afternoon was spent getting the usual laundry done and getting a short rest. With the pain in my hip still screaming it was a big help having Monty carry things back and forth for me!

I was looking forward to today because I knew the chiropractor would be open! Praise the Lord! I called first thing and we got in this afternoon. Even he cringed when he saw the bruise on my hip -- and it's only getting started! I would put a picture on here but . . . :)
Anyway, he found my neck so tight that it wouldn't move so we'll try again in a couple of days! Like I said, I'm 55 years old and way past the age of doing flips!!!!

We also stopped by Paul and Linda's to check on the condition of their roof. There is a team of roofers coming in for one day and we thought that might be the thing for them -- but there's just too much soffit damage and other repairs that must be made first so we'll wait for a team of roofers that plan on staying for a full week! Paul and Linda understand and are more than patient.

We also spoke with Laura and will be finally sending her parents some volunteers by the end of the week! They have a house that used to be a military barracks -- very unique. They did have to raise it about 3 inches so it's taken some time before they could be ready for some extra helping hands. Now is the time and we are ready! They are thrilled. Laura is also getting ever so close to being able to return home also. Just a little bit more flooring and some window air conditioners and she will be back!

Monty and I are very excited that we have volunteers on a constant basis. We are also awaiting the arrival of the tool trailer that we will be using for the volunteers we are in charge of. Things are coming together quickly and it's going to be great! The more the volunteers the more the homes we can work in and the more homeowners that will be able to return home!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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