Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Records for Today

4:00am came the sound of the alarm and we were out the door an hour later, headed to Galveston. I hadn't driven in the dark for who knows how long and found it the only time it was border line cool.
Monty and I were stationed at the check in booth where everyone had to be checked in making sure they were on the list of those invited. NBC had asked that the crowd be kept to a minimum and my guess is there was around 150 people. It was easy to see where everything was located, the streets were blocked off and the lights shown high above the homes. I know the neighbors were glad they had ring side seats.
It was amazing to see everything that goes on behind the scenes. Al Roker was kept inside an air conditioned van until just a few minutes before each time he went on the air. He told everyone this was the largest give away ever -- the first and only time where both Lowes and Home Depot were involved in something together! Ethan Allen brought furniture, tons and tons of furniture. Webber was there with more bbq supplies than imaginable. John Deere was there with a tractor . . . it was quite the scene. Al started off with the interview with Erin who started this whole thing and did a wonderful job! From there they switched between donors and ended the show on Marie's front porch with her family by her side and a beautifully decorated porch complete with food prepared by one special chef! It was beautiful and an honor to be a part of.
As soon as it was done Monty and I were asked to be interviewed by one of the local schools that has done a documentary on Ike, it was even featured on Good Morning America a couple of weeks ago. They got what they needed and Marie was the star she always is -- praising God all the way! Tomorrow we will be honored to attend the screening of the video tomorrow at Texas A&M University on the island.
Meanwhile our teams continued working away. Mariano's kitchen is being sheetrocked and finished. They are putting a subfloor in his soon to be pantry and working on siding on the back of the house. And of course, Mariano is right there with them. The team leader speaks Spanish so there's quite a bit more conversation going on!
Archie now has bedroom walls, standing up walls. He is thrilled and the team was continuing to build more. Archie said it's just too hot to do anything!!! (We agree)
Speaking of the heat --- we broke all records today. The actual thermometer reading did reach 103 and was climbing!!! No clouds, full sunshine that will scorch you clean through your clothes! And no end in sight!
Anyway, Monty and I then headed back to Donnie and Sissi's house for a special house blessing program where they both had their hands flying with sign language trying to thank everyone there and everyone involved. They were presented with some gifts and the kids were especially happy with the hand made bluebird house. We prayed over the family and the home and were sad to say goodbye but know they are now fine and ready for a new start in their newly rebuilt home!
By the time we were finished we were wet to the bone and ready to hit the shower -- cold water is also something tough to come by when your hose runs along the ground! No need to turn on the propane for the water heater!
Again I think back over the events of the day and it was one of those where God was nearly "visible" in the literal sense. I could see His "hands" all over the place, His hands of love, of peace, of joy and of verification that Monty and I are right where He wants us! I like those kind of days!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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