Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It runs -- again!

Yes, Monty has my truck up and running. It actually purrs!!! Bless his heart for being able to sit and read instruction manuals and then retain what he reads and apply it! It's just one of the areas where God matched us perfectly -- I really don't like reading manuals!!! The radiator needed replaced along with the thermostat and a couple of other things I don't even recognize. The important thing is that it runs and doesn't overheat and will hopefully continue to get me up and down the roads!

Yesterday was spent right here while he worked on the truck. We did have a couple of trips for parts and even managed to get in a home visit with a new client.

Regina lost everything in the storm and was fortunate to have some insurance on her home. She lives there with her 2 children and has done what she can thus far. She has quite a bit of materials on site but no one to continue working. Some of her framing has been done incorrectly and needs redone. Her inspector won't pass anything further until that has been taken care of. Her insurance funds are being dispersed in increments and she has to get that inspection before any more funding will be released. We hope to be able to bring in volunteers to get the work done that needs done for the inspection and then continue working from there to get her in.

Today we also made a trip for truck parts and by noon it was done --- just in time for me to get to the Long Term Recovery meeting. Each meeting we learn a bit more about how to get things done. This meeting I was able to "officially" introduce myself as being a part of UMCOR --- The United Methodist relief effort! It's very exciting for us as they are the oldest effort out there and the ones who teach everyone else how to do things. They are the ones we all get our forms and paperwork from! It's an honor for the both of us to be a part of their wonderful organization!

After that meeting we were off to Lowes to pick up an estimate and drop off 2 more. These guys do such an amazing job for us, they truly go the extra mile. Now I just need to put the figures into an estimate format and present them for the funding needed to get the job done. This week I will be presenting 4 new cases!

Near the end of the day we were able to stop by Hai's and Laura's to see the work being done there this week. Hai now has her air conditioning and her bathroom has sheetrock and the trim is complete! Laura has about half of her trailer skirting on and the base of her new deck started. Both women are thrilled as each day brings them closer to home, to their new normal!

I was also reminded today that we were supposed to be taking some time off, some time to get a bit of rest and just some time for ourselves --- I guess we needed the reminder!

But . . . I have 2 meetings tomorrow and am excited about the progress each will bring!

I want to thank all of you for the extra prayers after my blog on Sunday! Yes, Aunt Miriam --- I am human and sooooo much like you in soooo many ways!!! God has a wonderful sense of humor! Seriously -- I am so thankful to have such prayer warriors out there, so many people who care and thank you for reminding me of both!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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