Monday, June 15, 2009

Starting with a bang!

This Monday sure started off with a bang -- a good one!
We had our team from Virginia and our team from Maryland both come to San Leon where we had their orientation in the park shelter along the bay. It was a perfect spot and with the breeze and shade no one could have believed that the actual temperature would hit the 98 degree mark! Both teams totaled 53 people and that doesn't count our team from Texas who went back to Donnie and Sissi's first thing! Do the math -- amazing!!!
The Virginia team is divided into 4 teams. One started at Mariano and Maria's where they are removing the damaged wood siding, will be installing insulation from the outside and then putting up new siding. You can see them in an above photo. Now we all know this isn't going to happen in one week so any incoming teams that might be reading this . . . guess where some of you will be and what you will be doing!!
Another team went to Art's, also being the first team to help him. With his house being nearly 13-14 feet in the air it's a bit easier to install plumbing lines. The team will also be installing insulation under the floors and be able to stand up doing it! Art was busy trying to get the electrical materials straightened out for the days to come. He also is quite amazed at the way the volunteers work! And in this heat! You can see them digging plumbing lines and see a good picture of Art and Monty.
Another team went to work at Butch and Teresa's where Butch had a full days work lined up for them. They are getting so very close to having it all done and being able to move back in.
The last team from Virginia went to start yet another new job at Archie and Nina's house. They are the parents of Laura. Their home used to be an army barracks and after having it raised 8 inches Archie is ready to go with the rebuilding of the inside. You can see the team working on a stack of subflooring in the photo above. And yes, incoming teams, you might be here also.
There was one gentleman and his son who were an extra blessing to Donnie and Sissi and the Texas team today. This gentleman knows sign language and took his son and another team member and worked in their home. He told me late in the day that he spent most of his time talking with Donnie and Sissi and I can't imagine how awesome that must have been for them! He will be returning there tomorrow and we just might be having a house blessing before this week is over.
The Maryland team headed to Hank and Cherie's home. You can see one of the gentlemen underneath the trailer and no, he isn't taking a nap! Imagine working in this heat and having your job being cleaning out the debris and damage from underneath a mobile home! They didn't bat an eye in the least, just got to work and should be done by mid day tomorrow when they will travel to another home to spray for mold. It will then need to sit for about a week to dry thoroughly. They will have another job behind that one -- stay tuned to see who and what it is.
We also stopped in to see the another local team working on Mercy's house. She is getting a new tin roof on her home along with a brand new shed built in back. I wrote about Mercy quite some time ago, she is the single mother of 5 who has cancer and is fighting for her life. The team told us she passed out during church yesterday morning and was taken to the hospital but is fine after having some fluids. Please keep her in your prayers. This team came to the area specifically to help rebuild her home and they are doing incredible work!
We also stopped by Laura's house to see Stevo and his buddy who have returned to work with Mercy Response for the next 3 weeks. It was good to see them. They were finishing her skirting with plans to get her flooring done and hopefully have her move in real soon!
There was a nice surprise with the Virginia team --- their leader, Forrest, took a road trip to Lowes with me and purchased a handicapped size shower for Art -- where Forrest is working! Blessings like this are the visible hand of God showing up. Art's funds are really tight and having this shower gifted to him not only blesses the funds but what is shows -- the love of Christ -- is priceless! We thank all those from this Virginia team and their church who made this possible! And they gave us a hint that they aren't finished yet!
All these jobs going on along with providing materials and being offered a storage space for UMCOR to store some things . . . plus more . . . makes for a wonderfully blessed beginning to a week that will be filled with awesome wonders!
We are thankful to all of you for your prayers, Monty's step father is out of the hospital and doing much better. My daughter, Lindsay, arrived safely in Boston after traveling through 12 states to get there -- all done in 2 days! Thank you Lord!
Be sure and stay tuned this week. It's a great one and you won't want to miss a day of it!
Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

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