Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's so hot that . . .

Yes, the heat is truly on. It's so hot that my rear view mirror fell off the window, the GPS fell off the window, Monty's rubber gloves inside his truck melted and I know I've wilted and just don't realize it because it's so dark inside the camper with the insulation at the windows and the blinds and curtains closed! :) And they say it's only going to get hotter tomorrow?
The heat didn't stop the teams from working away, just at a bit slower pace. They reminded us that they are from Texas and know that in order to get anything done you must go slow!
Mariano's siding, insulation, house wrap, electric, kitchen cleanup and you name it continue going forward. We have run into some deeper electrical issues that must be addressed but for now the team is working around it and going forward. You can see one of the women caulking the seams in the siding. She found some shade!
Archie's team had more walls framed and were bringing in the tub/shower as we pulled up. They were hoping that the framed walls looked as good standing up as they did laying on the floor! Archie has built what must be one of the largest fans I've ever seen and has it blowing through the house to help move some air. And move some air it does!
I met with Bruce and Kenny this afternoon to start getting an estimate together for Vicky. We have been working with Vicky for months just trying to get all her paperwork in order to apply for funding. The estimate and her getting current on her property taxes are the last 2 hurdles. The estimate is so widespread as she did hire a contractor who did a little of this and a little more of that and yet left so much widespread work to be done that it will take a qualified estimation program to come up with a dollar amount of the work still needing done. We are going to put our local Saturday team in and outside of her house this weekend. They will be cleaning up inside, trying to prepare for our coming in and doing work. They will also need some gloves and gardening skills to clean up outside as the weeds have nearly taken over. It should be transformed after just one day. Thank goodness for these nearby teams who come for a day and do the work of days!
Remember that tomorrow morning NBC Today Show will be here in Galveston at Marie's and we hope to have some good photos for you. We need to be out of the trailer by 5am so it might be a short night! I just know God will be smiling as he hears Marie's testimony telling everyone she was never afraid as she knew God was watching over her! She had the news crew in stitches as they tried and tried to get her to admit she was afraid -- never happened and they gave up! Be sure and stay tuned!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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