Saturday, June 13, 2009

Texans helping Texans

Late last night the team from Homa, Texas arrived. They are staying at the Methodist church in Santa Fe and working in Donnie and Sissi's house.
This morning started with us meeting them at the church for a short orientation and then off to the job. They were thrilled to meet Donnie who told us he had fallen asleep at his computer last night and not woken up until 6:30 this morning. Both he and Sissi are deaf so we do alot of communication via a pen and paper, or anything else we can find to write on.
The team jumped in and started getting things cleaned up and organized to finish installing the flooring and doing all the other jobs needing done to be able to call this house done by the end of next week and allow Donnie and Sissi and their 3 small children to move back home!
This afternoon the Houston newspaper sent a reporter out to get a story on this family, what they have been through and how they have received help. There were 2 other women there to speak back and forth in sign language and it was quite amazing! What a blessing to be such a small part in this recovery!
We also made sure the material deliveries for next weeks jobs were on site and ready for the rest of the incoming teams. All has landed and is in waiting.
We will be traveling to Galveston tomorrow night to orientate another incoming team and then one more on Monday morning. Get ready for an amazing week!
An update on Monty's stepfather --- they thought he was doing better until this evening when the results of more testing came back showing a staff infection in his bloodstream! Please keep him in your prayers.
Also -- my 96 year old grandmother was moved to a new nursing home yesterday. The care she was receiving at her other one was terrible and my mother had enough! It's been traumatic for everyone, especially my grandmother so please keep her in your prayers also.
Blessings to all of you for a wonderful Sunday!
Until next time. . . Susan and Monty

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Anonymous said...

The team you featured recently was actually from Hondo, not Homa. :-) They were Jamie Kindred, Tara Lewis, Donna Ooley, Ken Graff, and John Fink, There may have been more, but I don't recall any other names. They had wonderful things to say about the experience when they got back to our church!