Monday, June 22, 2009

The Today Show

There were a few "difficulties" with blogger this evening so I'm hoping all this comes through the publishing okay?! The first writing was completely lost in never never land? Let's try it a second time!

Our local Texas team arrived bright and early for orientation at the park this morning. They are from Katy which I understand is about 90 minutes away. They are a team of 12 with more arriving during the week. It's always nice to welcome locals helping locals.

Part of the team headed off to Archie's thinking they were going to finish hanging the sheetrock on the ceiling. Seems their daughter's friends had finished that task over the weekend so they were able to start framing in the interior walls. They are putting them together, leaving them lay on the floor and will lift and set them tomorrow when they have a few more folks there to help. Looked like a smart plan to me.

The rest of the team are working both inside and outside at Mariano's. I guess the family had a rough night as their daughter wasn't doing well. She had foot surgery last week and was in quite a bit of pain throughout the night. None the less, Mariano was out and worked with the team all day long. They are putting the insulation and house wrap and siding on the last wall. One of them knows electric so he's wiring the kitchen for incoming appliances and cabinets. Bart, the cabinet maker, came and planned everything out, took his measurements and headed home to build them all. They will be plain wood and will need painted when he returns at the end of the week to install them. And . . . our incoming team for Friday has painters! God never fails!!

Now I suppose you are wondering why this entry is titled as it is. BIG news!

This Wednesday (day after tomorrow) the NBC Today Show will be have Al Roker placed at Marie's house throughout the entire 3 hour show!!! Yes, Marie was chosen to be the one to show just what has happened and is happening in Galveston County. And yes, Monty and I will be there the entire time. This has been in the planning stages for quite some time but we couldn't "let the cat out of the bag" until now. We are really excited that Marie was chosen and know she is perfect! Be sure and watch, or have someone tape it if you can't see it live. I have a strong feeling that God is about to show up for all to see!!!

Until next time . . .be blessed. Susan and Monty

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