Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank you Wisconsin

Even though most of them didn't want to leave, the end of the week arrived and they pulled out last night after filling their tummys with dinner. The past couple of days passed as a whirlwind. They continued working in Marie's and bid farewell to her, with tears. I think George would have moved in with her!
They continued gutting any and every home Diane had lined up for them. They cleaned the church here, they organized and cleaned in the warehouse, they put another sealer coat on the roof of the shower trailer, they organized tool trailers -- we asked them and they did it!
As you can see from the photos they had a blast!
Hai's roof had an unplanned delay -- waiting for the Texas windstorm inspector to arrive and sign off for the shingles to begin. He did arrive around 2pm yesterday and the sounds of nail guns could probably be heard for a block away. They tarped it last night and even though they all wanted to come back, the WI team had to leave it in the hands of Gary, our local Vineyard volunteer, and Hai's brother, Paul. They are the ones finishing it up today -- in the warm sunshine and temps near 70. Hai has a smile that will never wear off!
Monty and I have continued home visits in the city of San Leon. And they keep calling and keep asking and we will keep going and keep helping.
Last night was an amazing miracle and blessing for us see and experience. The San Leon Community Church was devastated by the storm and all Pastor Bob could talk about was his people in the city who were hurting . A group called God's Pitcrew came in and rebuilt not only his church but the parsonage as well -- in one week!!!! The grand reveal was last night and what a night it was! Pastor Bob was nearly speechless and couldn't sit down -- he had to continue mingling through the crowd thanking people, hugging them and thanking them again!
While we were there one of the assistant directors of the local long term recovery started talking to me. He told me how this community had been impacted by the storm and how no volunteer groups had been coming to their assistance. He told me how they had prayed that God would send who they needed. "It couldn't be just anyone" he said, "it had to be someone special, someone hand picked by God -- it had to be you." Comments like that bring me to my knees in thankfulness to God who does just that---hand picks us all! He knows where we need to be, He brings us where we need to be and as long as I know He is guiding me I know everything will be fine! I thank Him for leading us here, to the San Leon area. Each time Monty and I drive into the area I have that inner "feeling" that THIS is where we are supposed to be! Yes, the language "thing" in working with a mostly Vietnamese society can be difficult -- but God gives us the universal language of the heart and everyone understands that!
Another one of our homeowners that we are working with was also at church. She came up and wanted to once again thank us for what we haven't even done yet! We just got her materials in and will hopefully be over there this week. But, none the less she had to thank me again. She commented on how God had truly called us to this work. She said "you would do anything you could for anyone, wouldn't you?" She could see the heart that God has placed inside of me and that warmed my heart!
Another amazing week has passed by. Another week where I feel closer to God than the last, one where I know He has lead and where I know He is leading further. And today we have a team from one of the Houston Vineyard churches that has come for the day. They are working in on a new gutting job and cleaning underneath Alonzo's home. These are 2 more homes and 2 more homeowners who will see the hands and feet of God at work!
Many lives were changed this week, homeowners, spectators and volunteers. Today will be a repeat! We thank God for calling us to this -- we thank Him for providing for us -- we thank Him for all He will do in the future. As long as He holds the planning book we are all better off!
Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

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