Friday, January 16, 2009

It's the first night she hasn't cried

We only met Hai yesterday. In 2 days the team has gutted her home. Most importantly, they have changed her life! The smile that covers her small face is the first key. Talk to her and hear her heart! She worked right along side of them, even teasing them for taking breaks. She thanked them over and over again and still felt that thank you was meaningless. So she took a step further. She contacted one of her friends who owns a Thai Seafood restaurant and invited all 14 of us to come and enjoy dinner this evening. And we all went, some showered and cleaned up and others straight from their jobs. What an enjoyable experience! The chef decided to surprise us all with family style. He brought out all sorts of appetizers, soups and 10 different main courses for us all. Hai smiled all through the dinner, enjoying every minute, meeting the rest of the team who has been working at Marie's and still thanking those who have been at her home. God's presence was all throughout the restaurant! Everyone around us could see Him and feel Him -- awesome!
As we were leaving the restaurant, everyone giving hugs -- the quote of the week -- Hai said to me, "Tonight is the first night I haven't cried!" ( I couldn't hold back my own tears!)
It's those kind of things, those God-things that are what disaster relief is all about. Life is all about relationships -- and life long, life changing ones happen here, with every team in one way or another. If you ask the ones who have been in Marie's house all week they will say the same thing.
Tomorrow we bid farewell to this team -- and it will once again feel like family is leaving us. It just plain hurts when they leave! And our prayer is that they all will return, our door is always open to them --- and to you!
Our thanks to the team, our thanks to the homeowners and our thanks to YOU!
Sleep well Hai and Marie. Your lives have already been changed by the teams and God has only just begun! Fasten your seatbelts!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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