Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home visit after home visit

Just a sample of some of the home visits we did all day in the San Leon area.
Sonny's mobile home is totaled, we'll need to go in and completely demolish it - cutting it apart and hauling it out to make room for the "new used" one he wants to purchase with the small amount he received from FEMA. Problem is he has no place to go with the few belongings he can salvage from his old home -- we're working on a solution.
Levita has a blue tarp over her entire roof -- we'll be putting on a new one as soon as we can get some roofer volunteers. She also has a bit of FEMA money that we can ssstttrrreeetttccchhh as far as we can to purchase materials. She also has siding that needs repaired but was blessed to have no water enter her home. She is wheel chair bound so we will also need to be the ones to go and get her building permit.
Lan did not have water come inside of her home because it is already raised a bit off the ground. But the water did rush underneath and destroy all the insulation and vapor barrier along with the skirting. Her air conditioner also quite working and water is leaking in around one of the vents on the roof. You can see what we will be attempting to accomplish for her. And she has no money to work with, the slight amount she received from her insurance went directly to her mortgage company so she didn't see a dime. Yes, this can happen between insurance and mortgage companies.
We measured for new decks on the front and back of Clairice's new mobile home she purchased with her FEMA money. She is 80 years old and it's nearly impossible for her to get in and out at this time.
We also measured for another deck for Jeannie as she did the exact same thing as Clairice. In fact, they are neighbors.
Hai's roof continues being worked on. The inspector came in and gave the volunteer roofers some Texas windstorm guidelines and was very pleased with what he saw. He will return again Friday morning to do a final check and then they can finish up with a few final shingles and call it complete.
Marie got a shower today and the plumbing to it has begun. A bit of framing will need to be done to accomodate the larger size but she will be able to step in and also sit at the same time. She is thrilled.
Another part of the group worked on 2 different homes, both of which consisited of a bit more gut out and sorting through items for the homeowners. One of the homeowners, an elderly man, didn't believe a bunch of girls could do his gutting of sheetrock and even went to get his camera to take photos! The girls showed him what a bit of God given strength can accomplish!
The team also continued with Paul and Susan and hanging sheetrock. They will most likely start finishing that sheetrock tomorrow! Wow!
It was a day of being on the road, inside and outside of homes, underneath a couple and doing whatever it takes to get our initial information to begin the process of trying to meet as many of the homeowner's needs as we possibly can. I never cease to be amazed at the level of devastation but also the level of creativity and strength of those homeowners! Please keep all of them in your prayers!
Tomorrow we continue with jobs, start new ones, do more home visits and attend a case management meeting --- wonder how many extra hours we can squeeze out of the day??!!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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