Friday, January 02, 2009

MN Last Day

Amidst some of the heaviest fog I have seen so far the team headed out this morning, a bit sad it was their last day to work.
Our first stop was the Galveston Humane Society to donate a trailer full of dog and cat food donated to us by Convoy of Hope. Three of the guys went along and packed bag after bag, making the employees AND the animals quite happy. The Humane Society also gives out free animal food to those residents who cannot afford to purchase their own. It was a great way to start the day.
One part of the team returned to Leon's house to continue the gutting. There are some real structural issues with his house but atleast now it is cleaned out and will have time to dry out in order to reassess rebuilding. Leon was all smiles seeing them all return, and quite thankful.
Another part returned to Dave's house to also finish the gutting. They not only got the house done, they got the garage also. Dave's house appears structurally sound and we will be moving forward to see how we can come along side them and offer our help.
And yet another team started another new job, gutting the lower part of a home for Melinda's mother, who is 80 years old. This team was excited because they had not been able to actually complete any of the jobs they started this week -- all for good reasons beyond their control. They got busy and worked along side Melinda and her husband and got the job done! We are also going to see what we can do to help them get her mother back into her home.
It's always sad to see a team go -- and this one is no different. They brought some rather young and inexperienced youth with them and these youth should be pleased at the work they accomplished! They never complained of being tired, they never complained about the food (as some can be quite picky), they were flexible when it was required and always gave their best! It has been an amazing week and we would love to just keep them here with us! Goodness knows there is plenty of work to be done and they are now experienced! But we also know family members are awaiting their arrival home so we will pray them out of here and ask God to cover them as they travel over the next couple of days!
Diane will also be flying back here tomorrow and we also cover her with prayers of safe travel. I think she has spent much more time than she liked shoveling snow! Wisconsin has had a record for December and she knows it better than anyone!
We have jumped head first into this new year and are so thankful to this team for the week they have put in, for working over what should have been a holiday for them, and for being such a blessing to the folks in Galveston. Even the neighbors nearby have noticed them and have expressed their thanks, just for them being in the area and donating their time! I know Jesus must be smiling from ear to ear!
Thanks Minnesota -- we love you and hope to see you back with us next time!
Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

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