Monday, January 12, 2009

Bags and bags and more bags

The things we do to get the trees cut down! I guess some of us just never grow up!

Our Las Vegas, Washington and Virginia teams once again joined together and worked as one.

Part of them returned to Tonnie's to help him continue the gutting of his home. They even went up on the roof and put down a tarp to stop the water from pouring in through the kitchen ceiling until he can get a roofer. They all talked of how they were able to minister to him, to pray with him and his neighbors and how they hoped they had "planted a seed" for God's kingdom.

The rest of them returned to Marie's house where they also continued the gutting and boxing of more personal items in preparation for moving her to the other side of the home to gut the areas where she has been living. They also got her soffit painted and helped her daughter, Amy, get some things moved for herself. Ministry at its finest - and it will continue throughout the week.

Monty took the day and worked on getting Diane's trailer plumbing "hard piped" into the sewer system. Trailers all have tanks to hold the regular shower and/or dishwater and toilet waste but those don't last long when you are living in one. To save having to hook up an expandable hose and run it to the sewer we take regular PVC pipe and make it so all you need to do is pull the lever and dump the tanks directly into the sewer. This not only takes the proper materials but also the calculations of the angles of the pipe to make sure everything is rolling downhill. He has the materials in place and will continue working on the rest.

Diane and I spent all day in the warehouse going through pallets of granola bars, canned food items and paper products in preparation for another outreach to the community tomorrow. We plan on loading the flatbed trailer in the morning and all of us heading out to give away everything -- free! I don't think this team realizes just how quickly everything will go out. We hope to do a couple of those outreaches before the week is over.

Everyone enjoyed dinner this evening and then a time of sharing between them. They talked about what this trip has meant to them thus far. It's always amazing to hear how God is working in each of them! They come to be a blessing and find blessings far beyond anything they can imagine. It can bring the biggest man to tears, tears of joy!

We are so thrilled to also tell you that we have teams booked solid through the first of May! They keep calling, keep going to the Mercy Response website and completing their signup. Today our neighbor, Shelley, who works for Walmart called and she has successfully organized a Walmart team who will be coming the first of March! She has been trying to come and work with us for over 3 years and it's finally coming to reality!

We are still putting out the request (plea) for volunteers. Without YOU this work cannot get done! YOU are the keys. We cannot do it alone and the work is endless. At last report from the city of Galveston there are still over 1000 homes needing gutting!

If you are interested or just curious, please go to the website ( and everything you need it there. It's easy and will give you a life time of memories and bless you beyond your imaginations!

Until next time . . . be blessed!

PS Happy to report that Diane's mother is resting comfortably at home -- thank you for the prayers!

Susan and Monty

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