Tuesday, January 27, 2009

They're praising the Lord

The photo of the 3 men is taken at Marie's house. The men are hanging sheetrock, doing general cleanup, preparing for plumbing and wrapping up some electrical work. Amazing what a few extra hands can do. And just as I knew, Marie has won their hearts!!
The other photos were taken at Hai's house as the team was tearing off her old damaged roof preparing for the new one. They have it all tarped off for the night and will start with new shingles and any needed repairs tomorrow. They plan on "chowing down" their breakfast so they can get an early start! And all this without making a single dollar!? Must be a God thing for sure!
Diane spent her day going from team to team trying to keep them stocked with everything they needed and taking our director, Phil, on a tour to see what is happening. With teams spread out all over that can be quite the task!
Monty and I also spent the morning taking extra materials to the team at Hai's before I headed off to the biweekly meetings of the Long Term Recovery Team. Today was quite a wonderful meeting -- atleast for me and thus for Marie. With funding that comes in, earmarked for homeowners, the Long Term Recovery steps in to make certain it goes to the homeowners. BUT -- we must have some sort of regulations with it. For those who received enough insurance or FEMA dollars to purchase their own materials, we come along side of them with volunteers to provide free labor and thus stretching their dollars much farther. For those who didn't have insurance, didn't get enough from FEMA, are disabled, elderly, single parents, etc. those funds are prioritized and the only way to receive them is through the homeowners case manager. That's where I come in. Phil came and did an estimate of the cost of bringing her home to completion. I took that estimate, along with the required documentation to the Long Term Recovery today and was granted money that will hopefully help us bring it to completion!!!!
When I went to Marie and broke the good news to her I know you probably heard her praising the Lord -- no matter how far from Texas you live!!!!!!!!!!!! She nearly fainted in my arms! She has been so afraid that we would get started and not be able to finish as she is now out of money. As always, God steps in just at the right time and saves the day! I love it when He brings a plan together!!!!! Her tears rolled, her praises rang and she gave a sigh of relief like never before!!!
Just prior to stopping and talking with her I stopped by Paul and Susan's to see how they were doing with their team. Their team had completely finished installing ALL the insulation throughout the entire house and will be returning tomorrow to start hanging the sheetrock. While Paul was telling me all this he also had tears streaming down his face! He couldn't believe that all the subflooring was down, all the insulation in and walls would be coming together tomorrow as soon as the delivery truck arrives! It's one thing to have a woman crying on my shoulder but even more powerful to have a man doing so! God is truly an awesome God!
Yes, it's been a day to praise our Lord! Every day is! But . . . there are those days like today that make the praises ring a bit louder and with a bit more joy laced between them!
We look forward to what tomorrow will bring. Monty and I have back to back appointments with homeowners in San Leon and will be doing well to be back here in time for dinner! The next day looks the same! The more we reach the people the more we share God's love for them and SHOW them how much He loves them!
Until next time . . . be blessed and do a little praising of your own! Susan and Monty

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