Monday, February 02, 2009

Plans and more plans

These are the 2 homes we looked at on Saturday in our latest home visits.

The light blue one belongs to Richard and Peggy. Their home was completely destroyed by the storm and they were left with nothing but rubble. The church donated this home to them, a home that had been damaged in the storm but was rebuildable. Richard suffers from extreme emphasema and is unable to work for more than a few minutes without sitting down. We hope to be able to come along side them and offer some labor. With Richard also being a contractor he knows what needs to be done but just needs some help.

The other home that is nearly covered with blue tarp belongs to Ms Terri. Her husband just passed away a few weeks ago and she is feeling more than overwhelmed. They had built this home together, piece by piece. It is filled with the history of their lives together and she wants to preserve as much of its originality as possible. I admit that this one will be a challenge and will take volunteers who can see her history, understand it and help her pull her life back together. She also suffers from a couple of diseases and her health is sort of hanging in the balance.

From there we checked on our Houston Vineyard team who had come for the day. Part of them were at Alonzo and Wilma's helping them sort through all of their possessions that had been in the lower area of their home. They were all smiles at the progress the team had made. The other part of the team was gutting a home in the Galveston area. All returned late in the evening and said they had a wonderful day and would definitely be back.

Last evening Diane's son in law who is currently working in the Houston area came down and we helped him celebrate his birthday a day early! We even did a cookout and managed to watch most of the football game!

Today was a day where Monty found himself underneath both the shower trailer and one of our camper trailers getting it "hard piped" into the sewer lines. This involves PVC pipe and making sure the angles are correct so everything flows downhill and doesn't leak. He was soaked to the skin by the end of the day and will let things sit for a couple of days to check for leaks.

Diane, along with her brother and sister in law headed out to Marie's to see if they could get the plumbing clog issue worked out. Snaking it didn't work and so we will be forced to call in a plumber and have them work through the problem. From there they headed to Pastor Ken's church where they continued with the taping and mudding of the sheetrock. It's really coming together and Pastor is thrilled.

I spent my morning being checked out at the clinic as I have another cough - sore throat thing going. All checked out fine, nothing requiring medicine -- just a "virus" that will have to run its course. Pray for a quick course!!

From there our director came down and we headed off to Hai's house to see the roof -- which looks fantastic -- and put together the details to get an estimate for the completion of the home. Hai was thrilled to learn Phil has been in the construction business since he was 14. Once again we left her feeling less stressed than when we arrived.

We then headed to Marie's to meet the mechanical men. We are getting a bid from them to complete that process. Pray it's a really low one so we can continue to stretch dollars to the breaking point.

Tomorrow Monty and I will be doing more home visits in the San Leon area. We start very early in the morning and go through the afternoon. It's quite the challenge to keep everyone and their details straight when we look at so many in one day -- but they need the help and that's what we intend to do.

It took having communion in church yesterday morning for me to realize that another month had flown by! Seems like I just turned that page?

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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