Friday, January 23, 2009

It's still a dream . . .

Today is our last day here and we are so thankful for the much needed rest and relaxation, even if the phone did ring -- I refuse to shut it off -- not with children and grandchildren so far from me!

We have enjoyed the continual sunshine and amazing breezes that never stop. The sandy beach areas have been awesome, especially since everyone here thinks it's winter and are staying away from them!

We did meet up with our team of one, Hugh, from Washington. He is still working with us and also decided to take a couple three days to come here. He used to live here and is enjoying seeing some old home places. The three of us will have dinner together tonight! Strangers becoming family!

I did think one of my all time dreams was going to come true today!!! And then I found out -- not quite yet! I have always had a love for horses and even owned some in my time. My black and white paint was my all time and forever favorite. She now lives with children who enjoy riding her, even if she did turn 20 years old this year!

My dream is to ride horseback on the beach! Sounds simple? Not so! As I was paging through one of the visitors guides last night I found my dream -- come and ride horseback on the beach! The cost was amazingly low and even though Monty would rather do most anything other than ride a horse, being the wonderful husband he is he said "let's go tomorrow." We drove to exactly where it was supposed to be only to find out it had been moved, to the island area behind us. No problem -- we headed in that direction. As we were driving I thought I should call the visitors center to verify the address. Good call --- they said the ranch had closed down just weeks ago! And sure enough, as we passed the ranch we could see all of the horses there ---along with the "auction" sign for the entire place! Sooooo --- that dream remains a dream, one I know will come about at just the right time! And Monty smiled --- knowing he would !!! be able to walk tomorrow!!!!

Until next time . . . cherish those dreams and never stop dreaming! Susan and Monty
PS My uncle cam through his surgery just fine. Thanks again for the prayers!

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