Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moving into San Leon

This morning we had the sad job of saying goodby to Bill, the 18 year old who has spent the past week and a half working with us. It's always hard to see someone leave and Bill was no different. We tried and tried to get him to stay, told him it was against the "policy" to leave in the middle of the week --- but we know his mother was waiting for him with open arms and wanting to hear all about his trip. We prayed him out, covering him with blessings for his future and hope he will come back and work with us again!
Our work day started with another outreach into the city of Galveston. We took water, vitamin water, pet foods and treats and perfume sample packets. We were able to set up on both sides of the street and it was amazing. People were stopping and running from side to side. I was surprised at how many needed food for their pets, and the pets they had adopted that had been abandoned after the storm! The team spent their time speaking blessings over all that stopped and once again Chuck was walking out into the traffic just to make sure all got something!
From there part of the returned to Marie's where old rotten framed walls are now replaced with brand new 2x4's, old separating walls have come down and new ones have been put up. What was once the tiniest bathroom I think I've seen is now becoming one where she can walk in and more than turn around. The heaters that the team purchased last night allowed Marie to sleep through the night -- the first time she can remember doing so! As hard as she fought having them brought in -- before the team left this evening she asked them to make sure they turned it on as it's forecast to get near freezing tonight!!!!!
The rest of the team headed into San Leon, a community to the southeast of here that really caught most of the east side of the storm -- the worst side to catch. So much of the town is gone and those left there have been wondering if anyone would ever come to help! We did and we are! We started in Hai's home today. You can see by the photos that the walls were all tongue and groove -- and all are covered with mold and must be torn out. It's so sad and yet she was right in there working with the team! She is the mother of 5 small children and her mother has come to help take care of them while Hai tries to get her life and home together. She is living in a FEMA trailer and thankful for it. The team will continue working there tomorrow and we will continue doing what we can to get her home rebuilt. The first thing will be getting a new roof!
Diane and I spent our day with the outreach, checking jobs and checking out many more upcoming jobs in San Leon. We were gone the entire day, met many new people and saw God move in so many ways! We cried with homeowners, we laughed with them, we gave them hope and they gave us smiles and hugs in return. During prayer this morning we prayed to be the hands and feet of God and today I feel we were just that!
Monty was back at camp working on vehicles, trailers, warehouse details and planning for tomorrow. It seems his "to do" list grows by the day and he's one of those who consistantly keeps moving forward, one item at a time! I find it amazing to see how God refuels him to overflowing on a daily basis. Right now he is inside the church taping and mudding a wall in the pantry where the shelf pulled out of the wall leaving huge holes. By the time he is done it will be done to perfection!
Our team decided to take a night out and headed to the movies for the night! They have all earned it! With tomorrow being Friday it brings us all to the realization that they, too, will be heading back home on Saturday! I'll wait and shed those tears then.
Thank you so much for your prayers for my daughter, Lindsay. She called this morning and was feeling better. She was even thinking of going into work for the afternoon! Isn't prayer awesome! And isn't our God even more awesome!
A special thank you also goes out to Monty's mother for sending us some love in the mail! Thanks Judy -- we love you and miss you more than you know!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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