Thursday, January 01, 2009

Blessed New Year

Happy New Year to all!
For us, it's Thursday! Yes, we were awaken by the sounds of fireworks during the night. Must have been the sound of the new year, too tired to tell and all still looked the same come morning!
The MN team was up and back at it this morning. Once again divided into 3 teams.
One team returned to Dave and Nancy's house to continue the gutting process. They did a fantastic job yesterday and we knew it would be a 2 day job. Both Dave and Nancy are so thankful for all of the hard work. Monty and I will be meeting with both of them next week to see what we can do to come along side them and assist with their rebuilding. They are both very worried that the funds they received will not be enough. Hopefully with us supplying labor and they the materials it will be a perfect match.
Another team went to Saralynn's home to finish the gutting that started a few weeks ago. They also went equipped with many boxes to help her box up what can be saved. Those boxes will be placed in a room, after it's gutted, and we will work around them as we also come along side her and supply labor to rebuild. She hopes to get her roofer scheduled asap, then follow with an electrician and then us. It's the perfect plan but we all know that plans are only made to be changed!
The other team started a new job for Leon. Leon's house still has all the furnishings inside! All covered with mud and even though most are dry, the carpeting is quite the mess! They started with carrying out all his possessions (his life) to the curb for trash pickup. We also know this job is a 2 day event. They will be doing the gutting (walls, floors and ceilings) along with yard cleanup before calling it complete. Leon must find out whether his home can be rebuilt -- is it structurally sound? From what we see it's questionable. He also was very thankful, telling us he had been trying and trying to get someone to help him and how thrilled he was when I called yesterday to say we could be there this morning.
As you can see by the photos, alot of this team is on the "younger" side, between the ages of late teens and early 20's. What I love about teams like this is the endless energy of youth! They might be dragging a bit in the morning but just fill them with some food and they are ready to go! They can work circles around us "adults" and what a blessing that is for all of us! They love to serve, they know when the situation requires compassion, when it requires strength (both physical and spiritual) and they also know how to keep laughter and joy abounding! We are thrilled to have them here and sad to know tomorrow is their last day!
This evening they are all being treated to dinner in a local restaurant -- something they have certainly earned and will no doubt be a blast! We just pray there is enough soap and water to thoroughly clean them before they go! :)
Today does start a new year. It's a time to look forward with anticipation, with joy and with faith. What's past is past, we all need to focus on what's in front of us. Monty and I are excited to see where God is leading us, what He has in store for us and to see all the miracles He is waiting to show us. We hope all of you feel the same!
Remember the past, look forward to the future BUT cherish today!
Until next time . . . be blessed beyond measure! Susan and Monty

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