Friday, January 09, 2009


Her land is cleared -- and she is thrilled!
We worked all day with cutting dead trees, limbs and more trees and limbs. The storm wreaks havoc enough and then add salt water and it's a real plant killer. Sharon and her husband are fortunate to be one of the few living in one of the new FEMA trailers already. They received over 5 feet of water inside their home and are now being told that in order to rebuild it they must raise it. The level it needs to be raised to is still being determined and they are not certain whether they would be cost effective to rebuild or just push it over and start over. It's a really tough decision and one many people are facing.
But we were able to atleast come in and make the yard look better and make both of them feel better about things. That is the blessing -- bringing hope that things will work out!
It was a beautiful day, breeze with sunshine and temps around 80. Once we washed the sawdust off we could see some pink skin -- quite nice for Hugh, our volunteer from the state of Washington!
We are currently waiting for our team from Las Vegas to arrive. Their plane won't land till nearly 11pm so it will be a late night for them but we know they'll be up and ready to go come tomorrow morning. Part of them will be going to Marie's home to continue the gutting process and prime and paint her new soffit. Another part will be helping one of our church members with the rebuilding of their home and a third part will be gutting another home. Quite the busy day -- and it's Saturday!
We are also awaiting the arrival of our director, Phil. He has been in New Orleans all week and is bringing one of the camper trailers back with him -- a real home for Diane. She has been living in the church office for the past 3 months and will be happy to have some room to stretch out in and a real bed to sleep in!
As we approach what is a weekend for most, it's just another work day here. It never ceases to amaze me how the days all run together. It seems Sunday is the only one different and that's good because we can get more and more done and help more and more people.
We hope all of you have a wonderful Saturday and please remember the people who lost so much in hurricane Ike.
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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