Thursday, January 08, 2009

Outreach day

Yes, with the temps nearing 80 and plenty of sunshine we took advantage and took the trailer that was already loaded with vitamin water, regular water and granola bars ( all courtesy of Convoy of Hope) and headed into Galveston to bless some folks.
As usual, the entire load was gone in 30 minutes! Pastor Ken even stopped by to hand out things. The people are always so thankful and still in disbelief that everything is free. It's such a blessing to be able to bless them. I don't think I will ever stop being amazed at how awesome God is!
We plan on reloading the trailer asap and heading back. We are so thankful to Convoy for supplying us so we can help those in such desperate need!
We also took the time and went to check on Marie and see how her house is doing. Our volunteer from Washington went along. We were happy to see Marie's new roof and her daughter, Amy up on the ladder priming and painting the new soffit.
We plan on having our Las Vegas team (who arrives tomorrow night) start there on Saturday morning and continue the gutting process and possibly get into some electrical issues.
And in one more stop we arranged for the 4 of us to head back tomorrow and do some tree removal for another family. They are so excited and we are happy at the thought of getting out and doing some of the physical work. Even though most of us are still a bit under the weather we figure being out in the sunshine will help. And as always, helping someone else takes our minds off ourselves.
I do have a special prayer request --- Diane's mother. She was scheduled to have some fluid removed from her lungs early next week but has ended up in the hospital. She could surely use some extra prayers right now.
Thank you for all you do, for your support, for your prayers and for your love. God WILL return those blessings right back to you.
Until next time . . . Be blessed. Susan and Monty

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