Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The joy of gutting

They were a bit more sleepy eyed this morning but all it took was a good breakfast and they were off and running.
Masks on, gloves on, hammer and prybar in hand-- they went to work.
One team went back to Marie's house to continue but had to postpone that work due to the fact that the roofers had arrived. YEA!!! Space is premium at her house and they soon decided to let the roofers have the space to work and we would return once the house is dried in and we are ready to go. Good decision!
The next team continued at Sandra's house and finished up around mid afternoon. They, and the team from Marie's joined the third team at their brand new work site -- more gutting! When we checked on all of them in the afternoon they were making great progress. The third part of the team will be returning to this one tomorrow -- it's quite the job!
The thing I hope you see in the faces of those working are the smiles --- yes --- their mouths are covered --- but --- look at the eyes! They speak for themselves! Every one of these team members is experiencing the joy of the Lord! It may be dirty and nasty work but when you have God's joy inside of you it's all a wonder and a blessing to be a part of.
They have all met and bonded with their homeowners and will remember each other forever. God is all about relationships and that is never clearer than working in disaster situations. We even received a phone call from one of the neighbors today -- just thanking us for being in the neighborhood!
We are so thankful to this team, driving the very long distance and being ever so flexible to go wherever and do whatever!
Tomorrow may be a holiday on the calendar but this team is working as if it's just another day to serve the Lord!
To all of you, Monty and I wish you a blessing filled 2009 and hope you are as excited as we are to see this next chapter God has written for all of us!
Until next year . . . Susan and Monty

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