Thursday, June 22, 2006

NC pictorial part 2

The first photo is the children at vacation Bible school. Tonight is the last night and it looks like even more are here this evening. Praise God for the children!

The next 2 show the tent and complete setup of this team. When I said they came prepared I was not kidding! The one that is a bit dark is because it is taken during our evening praise and worship which is the highlight of the day!

The following 2 are the awesome couple who celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary, the head chefs of the group! They have not only endured the heat, they have cooked over grills and hot plates and who knows what all! They produce 3 meals each day and even though the heat index was 102 degrees today (no kidding) they are still smiling! What examples of service for the Lord!

The next 2 are of Delores's house during the construction phase. They got the kitchen cabinets installed now and have made such remarkable progress! We are so blessed that this team not only accomplished far more than we expected but that they built a relationship with Delores and her family that will last a life time!

The last 2 are taken at Julia's house. One is their lunch break and the other is her husband, Oscar, enjoying his front porch (the gary?) for the first time in 2 years! They also have far surpassed any expectations we might have had for their week! And they will also carry their relationship with Julia and Oscar for a lifetime!

This morning was quite sad for Monty and I as we had to say goodbye to our dearest friends, Joe and Dee Dee. They awoke us at 4:15am and were on the road by 5 am. We did hear from them this evening and they are home safe and sound. I really had a difficult time seeing them both go at the same time! But I did get myself pulled together in time for devotions, but fell apart then also. God blessed me with a full set of emotions and I don't have a problem using them to their fullest potential! :)

Monty and I also went to an elderly ladies's home this afternoon and shortened her front door so it would not drag on top of her new carpeting. She wasn't feeling well enough to come and see the results but was so very thankful and is nearly ready to get moved back into her home!

I hope you have enjoyed the pictorials and can feel the love and warmth coming from them. We have been so blessed this entire week with this awesome team, this team who has such a heart for the Lord and has done nothing but open and share that heart with everyone they have worked with. I just can't put it into proper words but God knows and that is what counts! Thank you, North Carolina! You will be in our hearts forever!

Until tomorrow, which will surely be filled with even more blessings and stories...Susan and Monty


Anonymous said...

Hello, Tim and Teresa from the N.C. group are my parents. Could you tell them that lily and evan are missing Grand and Pop and Love them very much.

Cal Bacon said...

Please say "hello" to Glo from the NC group for me. She is greatly missed by all of her children and her husband and we send our love. Also, we pray for her and the rest of the group several times every day - it all sounds so wonderful! If possible, could you post another update on VBS? And thank you so much for this blog and the pics! It let's us at home see what we are praying about - Thank You & God Bless! Cal Bacon