Tuesday, June 06, 2006

They're rolling now

Down go the flooring in Gladys's. Her house will be completed by this weekend and we are planning on the grand reveal Friday. It should be quite an event, complete with red ribbon cutting and all! Keep her in your prayers as she is 93 and has not seen one bit of her renovation since she left her house over 3 months ago!

With this being the second day of work, everyone is in their rythmn and working away. It usually takes the first day for everyone to get the feel of what is going on and get into what they are actually doing. This is when they set goals and somehow they always seem to meet them before they leave for home! Must be a God-thing?!

This Iowa team has been working fast and furiously on Gladys's house. The flooring, trim, bathroom and last minute punchlist duties are being done. Be sure and see the new photos on tomorrow nights blogspot.

The work in the Spanish village is also continuing. The flooring, cabintry and a multitude of things is going on at the same time. The Spanish residents are in there working away, whether it be on their own home or that of their neighbors. All we do is show them how to do something and turn around and they are in there doing it. They are so thankful that they provide lunch each and every day for those working! The fact that they don't speak English has not been a problem, the communication just flows---another God-thing?!

We are also very excited to know that our North Carolina team that was here only a couple weeks ago will be returning in August! It's always so much fun to have teams come back and see us. It's like a family reunion! We have been so blessed to have our family grow by leaps and bounds, and to be spread all over the country! God has been moving so much down here and it is an amazing blessing to be a small part of it!

I had a wonderful conversation with another recovery effort today. It's always uplifting to have the opportunity to talk with someone who shares in the big picture and understands the need. I guess it's like a kindred spirits thing! He will be doing alot of relief work here and there will be so many people blessed due to their efforts! Thanks, Jim!!!! We look forward to meeting you next month.

Today we had even more requests for help in our mailbox. Just a sample; sheetrock needs hung in 7 rooms, sheetrock needs hung in 5 rooms, carpeting needs installed, ceramic tile needs layed, one house needs elevated due to the new flood zoning (we can't do this), and one is down to the slab and needs rebuilt (we can't do this). The requests just keep coming and what needs to be done just keeps growing. There are some things we just cannot do as they need to be done by licensed professionals. When this happens I just give them a call and reassure them that once the professionals have done what they need to do, if they will call back we will see if there is anything we can bring volunteers in to do. Sometimes the thing they need most is that phone call, just to head them in the right direction and to let them know that we will be there for them when the time comes for us to be there. They are desperate, depressed and feel as though there will be no end, no return to a normal lifestyle! This is where the rebuilding of lives comes in, just talking with them and giving them some reassurance, some ray of hope and love! This is also why there is no such thing as unskilled labor! God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth just for such a time as this!

If you would like to help us continue God's calling on our lives and be able to continue this relief mission you can send your tax deductible donations to us through our home church, Vineyard Community Church at PO Box 3277 in Bloomington, Indiana 47402. Please mark "Katrina" on your donation as 100% comes to us, the church keeps nothing. Without your help we cannot fulfill our calling. We do have a home back home and the mortgage company could care less where we are or what we are doing, they just want that monthly check! We are not sponsored by any one church or organization, it is solely through donations, none too small, that keep us so we can pay our bills and eat! That is all we have ever asked for, that is all we need! We thank those of you who share with us in this mission and pray that God moves the hearts of you who haven't come along for the ride just yet! Jump in with us, hang on to your seats and be ready for the blessings to return to you in ways only God can do!

Until tomorrow...we love you all and praise God for you! Susan and Monty

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