Wednesday, June 21, 2006

North Carolina pictorial, Part 1

For some reason the blog will only allow this many photos. Who knows? I think it must be as tired as I am seeing as how it is going on midnight!

The first photo is of Julia's crew taking a lunch break. They made tremendous progress again today with the clearing of more rooms and carpeting.

The next 4 photos are of Barbara's house, her new kitchen, bringing in new doors and she with her sister. You can see by the photo of Brian just how hot it is.

The last 4 are of Dane's "high and lifted up" home. They are bringing up the sheetrock, working on the outside, working to spread fill dirt around the outside of the foundation and everything else it takes to rebuild.

This entire team worked their hearts out again today. The Bible School had even more children this evening and they are having such a great time learning about Jesus's love for them!

We were especially blessed this evening to have all of our homeowners join us outside for praise and worship and fellowship. It was absolutely incredible! Each one shared something about themselves and could not find adequate words to thank the team members. Delores sang for and with us again, this time accompanied by our dear friend, Joe. We all divided ourselves among the homeowners and prayed for them. It was really powerful!

The surprise of the evening was when the team brought out a huge cake to celebrate the 26th wedding anniversary of Don and Mary Ann. They are the couple who has been doing all of the cooking and what a wonderful job they have done! Mary was moved to tears and unable to say a thing!

The relationships that have been built with this team and the homeowners will be life long! If a stranger came up on the scene they would think they had been family for years. God truly placed all of these people in each others lives just as He planned. None of it was coincidence or accident! God's plan always works to the best and seeing everything that has happened over the past 3 days is such confirmation of that! Monty and I feel so blessed to be a part of the entire thing!

I will do the best I can to continue the photos tomorrow night. This blog has been having some technical difficulties lately and can be a bit frusterating! Pray for it to go a bit smoother as it is always very late when I get to it and very tired!

We love all of you and thank you for your prayers and support.

Until tomorrow...when God will be moving even stronger... Susan and Monty

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