Sunday, June 11, 2006

Illinois arrives

This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad!

Our morning church service was awesome and a kind of renewal. Just what we needed to hear, again!

Our Illinois team arrived late this afternoon, loaded and ready for work. They pulled a trailer full of tools with them. They are prepared for most anything! They came down through New Orleans and across so they could catch some of the sights as they came in. There are 6 men, all of whom have backgrounds in construction so this should be an awesome week. We tell everyone, and mean it, that there is no such thing as unskilled labor but it sure is nice to get skilled in as they can work together in such a way as to really get things accomplished. We are so thankful that this group of men decided to come here to bless the people! They will be working in Barbara's house all week and by tomorrow will have their own goals for the week set.

We were blessed this evening as church held an evening worship service, something out of the norm. It was awesome! The entire service was based on entering a new season and "capturing the city of Gautier" for God. Monty and I have felt like we are in a new season ever since we arrived here and receiving prayer for just that was a blessing. As I have said before, starting over in another new location wasn't an easy adjustment to make but as each day goes by we see more and more that this was God's plan for us. It is so nice to be welcomed, loved and have the church join with us in the outreach frame of mind. Pastor had a word for Monty and I this evening, "forget the past". How appropriate!!!! A true word from God!!

We are also happy to say that our hometown friend, Dee Dee, will be moving over here for the next 2 weeks of her stay here. She is just too alone in Pascagoula and can make the drive back and forth to teach for the next week. The following week school will finally be out and she will be joining in with our incoming volunteers and going out with them on jobs. It will also be wonderful for us as having someone from home here with us is such a moral booster and makes it just feel more like home! I will be preparing a room for her tomorrow and she will be arriving after school lets out.

We would ask for prayers this week for not only us but for the team here. This heat wave continues with temps in the mid to upper 90's. By mid afternoon the heat is really oppressive and it can take a real toll on someone if you are not used to pacing yourself. Please keep all of us in your prayers as these homes are definitely NOT air conditioned! We thank you!

Bless you for your prayers and support.

Until tomorrow ... Susan and Monty

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