Monday, June 26, 2006

Home is here!

To explain the title of this entry first, our hometown friends (family) Elmer, Kim and Rose arrived this evening. We are so happy to see family and are really looking forward to being able to share things with them this week!

Our team from Colorado divided into three teams this morning and off we went to the jobs.

The first stop was Delores's house. She was eagerly awaiting their arrival. She also told us her husband had been in a bad auto accident yesterday and although he is fine his truck is a mess. He was about 5 hours from here and is still working to get back home with some kind of vehicle. Delores was busy running errands for her team this afternoon and said they were doing a great job.

The next stop was Julia's house. She was also ready to meet new volunteers and they were going to start in an upstairs bedroom. The ceiling needed torn out and replaced along with the walls of her laundry room. Because her flood waters were lower we will only need to replace the sheetrock from the floor up to 48 inches. We should be able to get her well underway this week.

The last stop was Barbara's house. They immediately got started on the electrical as it is now turned back on and inspected. When we returned in the afternoon they had the one shower installed and had really been making progress. They will be concentrating on painting and all sorts of things tomorrow in preparation for the flooring to be installed as the very last thing. Barbara is staying up north with her family for a couple of days to get some rest but will be back to meet this team soon. She finds it difficult to stay away as it is so exciting to watch the progress and get to know the teams.

Monty and I spent the day with the usual errands and making a couple of stops checking on used car possibilities for Diane. Nothing came of any of our stops but we are praying God will drop exactly what she needs in our clear view!

This evening we attended the funeral of our dear friend Chad's mother. They chose to make it a celebration of her life and it was just that. Pastor Rick talked about how cancer cannot reach her into eternity and it was just what the family needed to hear.

I want to thank the NC team for their wonderful comments and tell them that we miss them! And thanks for realizing the drill was with you and for sending the means to replace it. Awesome!!!!

I would like to ask for prayer for myself. I don't like to do such a thing but I have somehow managed to catch a nasty summer cold and although I am fighting it with all I have it's getting the best of me at the moment. I know that with your prayers it will not take me down! Thank you!

Due to just that, I am cutting this a bit short and will take some time to visit with our friends who just arrived. We thank you for your prayers and support.

Oh yea! Please continue to pray for Monty's step father as he is not any better and will be undergoing some testing this week.

God bless! Until tomorrow....Susan and Monty


todd harvey said...

hey you guys this Todd from NC. just saying hello and that we are praying for you. Please tell Deloris that her team from NC is and will continue to pray for her.
We are all praying for you and Monty as you continue GODs work.
We love you all

Anonymous said...

Susan and Monty, I am still very tired. I do not know how you do it. Four hours of sleep each night is just not enough for me. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I left something in Gautier, my heart. I can't stop think about all of our new friends and ofcourse especilly Delores. I will never forget my time there with you all. I find myself thinking most of the day about our time there. I want to know everything that is happening so I check the blog each night.
Love from N.C. Teresa (Ethel)

Andrea C., NC Team said...

I am still in awe of everything God did (and how the enemy is so very mad right now!!). Susan, my the God of all comfort heal you in Jesus name!

Say "hi" to Julia and Delores for me- barbara, too when she gets back!

By the way, is there an private way for me to contact you? I wanted to let you know about a donation i received for you!