Friday, June 09, 2006

Front page news!

Yes, today we made the front page of the local newspaper, complete with photo and another photo as the article continued on the back page!

The photos are of the Iowa team who "got "er done" and made the makeover complete. The other is for our California team, this is the flooring completed! It turned out beautiful and thanks to you and your donation to make it possible!

Yes, we went to the paper stand this morning only to see mine and Gladys's face on the front! If we had been hugging each other any harder we would have popped! The reporter did such a wonderful job in capturing the excitement AND the blessing of the entire evening. She was not afraid to mention God, repeatedly, and our hope is that people will be able to read the article and smile, to bring some joy into their lives and some hope that they, too, can be helped! When I asked the reporter why this would be such a wonderful story because of all the rebuilding going on she told me that there aren't the "complete" rebuilds being done. Some people are getting drywall, some roofs, some flooring, some of this and that but the complete package just isn't happening because relief efforts can't take on the entire thing! This is where we feel so blessed to be able to be here, to have made our year commitment, to be able to coordinate the efforts so these complete rebuilds can happen. We have 2 more in the works right now, Barbara's and Dane's. Make sure you stay tuned to see what is happening with both of them.

Just a short recap on both of them; Barbara was forced to leave her home after the storm as she had over 4' of water inside. She is disabled and awaiting a double knee replacement. She is living out of town near family so she can have the help she needs. Her house has been completely torn out and there is a team from North Carolina here only for today and tomorrow who are working on her electric, getting it as ready as they can for the inspector to check.

Dane is the gentleman whose house is less than a block from the water and due to the flood codes being changed, had to have his "shell" of a house lifted 19 ft 7 inches into the air! His wife is completely bed ridden with Alzheimers and he has been trying to do the work on his own! He lost everything and is planning on using what was the garage (not needed 20' in the air!) as a room for his mother in law to come and live with them to help in the care of his wife! When I called Dane this morning to tell him that we would have a team coming in 2 weeks to help him he was brought to tears trying to thank us! He will take that week for his "vacation" just so he can be there to work right along with the team!

These are the upcoming rebuilds - don't miss a minute of them! God is moving so much down here, you can see Him! Our mission has always been to rebuild, structures being the 2nd thing, lives being the first! Please pray that the materials we need to do these projects will come in and that we have wisdom when it comes to making decisions.

I have said it before but it is worth repeating...if you have worked in construction before, whether it be new or remodel, I guarantee you have NEVER worked in conditions like this! It will test everything you thought you knew and more! Thus the reason to pray for wisdom, and patience. Just when you think you have it figured out to make it work, guaranteed something else will pop up, or break, or burst or who knows what!

Our Iowa team left for home this morning. They had some sightseeing to do first and then would be on their way. Seeing them go was so sad! After the blessings they experienced last night they all wanted to stay longer!

There was another "quotable quote" from one of the team members this morning, one I will never forget; she said that this week was better than any vacation they could have taken!!! Now there's a God thing for sure! We love you guys and will miss you and are already looking forward to Steve and Jenny coming back late next month! Get some rest guys, you earned it!

If you would like to become a more intimate partner in this relief mission, and enable us to continue God's work, you can send your gifts to us through our home church, Vineyard Community Church at PO Box 3277 in Bloomington, Indiana 47402. Please note "Katrina" on your gift as it all comes to us and the church keeps nothing. We are funded ONLY by your gifts, nothing else! We thank you for your prayers and support and pray you will be moved to continue both!

God bless all of you....have a safe weekend....we love you all! Susan and Monty

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