Saturday, June 03, 2006

Plumbing at last!

What a day! Getting relocated isn't easy and we are still working out the gliches!

First thing today we moved our trailer. The spot where we had landed was just temporary and so getting everything hitched up this morning we moved about 30 feet! This location is what we needed to get our plumbing hooked up with the right "fall" in the pipe. It took a couple trips to Lowes and most of the day but it is now complete. This means we can take showers AND use the toilet --- such luxuries!! :) But when you are as hot, dirty and tired as we are at the end of these 90 plus degree days taking a shower IS a luxury! Living in a 24 foot trailer with one of us having to sit down while the other gets ready is a feat in itself so we will truly appreciate any extras we can get! You also must understand that when one makes the journey to Lowes around here it isn't a quick trip --- everyone in the city is rebuilding their home and Lowes has no competition here! It looks like Christmas in the parking lot every day - all day!

While Monty was busy underneath the trailer I had quite a bit of help setting up our office location. Dee Dee, from our home church, is here for a month to do substitute teaching along with her sister in law and nephew, who will be here for a few days. They all came over here and helped get the office and tool areas organized. It looks great but of course, one of those gliches has come about. The wireless internet connection cannot be picked up from the office area we set up so it looks like we will be resetting it come Monday! I had to take the computer, turn it around backwards to do the blog! But it works so no complaining!

Our team from Iowa arrived late this morning. They drove all night so they took the rest of the day to get settled, get some groceries ready for breakfast and lunches, showers and they had lights out very early this evening! They will be here for church in the morning and then take the afternoon to do some sight seeing and get the full effect of the devastation. Monday morning it will be off to work.

I was also thrilled to hear from our Tennessee team leader this afternoon and learn they will be returning in June! It's always such an added blessing to have a team return as we feel as though they are family and are so pleased that they want to come back and be more of a blessing in the rebuilding! Thanks Bob, we look forward to seeing you!

Another couple who have been volunteering here for the past month took the day and went into New Orleans. They had not been there and wanted to see it before they leave mid week. It is just as bad as everyone says it is --- still 9 months later! Of course all we hear, see and read here is about the start of the hurricane season and how to be prepared, is anyone prepared and how bad the predictions are! It's all over the TV news, radio and newspapers. Everyone is terrified and no one is ready! Everyone has the feeling of helplessness and all of the governmental officials are concerned over the thousands and thousands of FEMA trailers that are still in use and how unsafe they are. THIS is why this relief effort must continue and even step it up a notch, if that is possible!

If you would like to become a more active participant in this relief effort and make it possible for Monty and I to continue this calling, you can send your tax deductible donations to our home church, Vineyard Community Church at PO Box 3277 in Bloomington, Indiana 47402. Please be sure and note "Katrina" on your donation as every bit of it comes to us, the church keeps nothing! Without your donations this effort would not be possible! We thank you for your loving and supportive hearts!

Until tomorrow....Susan and Monty

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