Sunday, June 18, 2006

Good bye Illinois

Congratulations, Kelly, you now get to leave the world of construction and return to your world of accounting!

The whole team was packed with tools reloaded and on the road by 7am this morning. As usual, it is extremely sad to bid farewell to people we have gotten to know so well and worked and lived with 24/7 all week. They were tired, sore and feeling blessed beyond measure. I always wish we were there with them when they return to their home church and spread the blessings out to everyone there! The "pebble in the pond" effect.

We spent the morning organizing and cleaning. Diane started in what was "sort of" the supply room but had turned into who knows what! Extra supplies returning from jobs found their way into the room but in no order whatsoever. She tackled it and won. It now makes some logical sense.

Dee Dee is still working on one of the supply rooms for the preschool and finding more school supplies and such than she knew was possible. She is doing a great job at getting things organized for the school so they know what they have to work with. She hopes to have it whipped by the end of the week but it's a big job! I'm sure she will be back at it tomorrow.

I started cleaning out our one refrigerator and freezer. After a few teams have come and gone it can collect all sorts of things! It now looks ready for the next ones coming in.

Speaking of teams, we were very sad to get the message that our returning team from Tennessee would not be coming this next week. Too many team members had complications and they will need to wait until this fall and reschedule. Their team leader, Bob, was extremely disappointed but we understand and look forward to putting them back on the schedule when they are all able to come. We will still be here, God willing.

We all decided we needed a short break for a couple of hours this afternoon and took a trip to Dauphin Island to relax in the sun, sand and waves. We knew not to be out very long as it was a breezy day along the coastline and with a few clouds looming around one can get burned before you know it. The water is very warm and there were a few waves flapping in and out that made it fun. Dee Dee has red feet and Monty has a red back but all enjoyed the time away. When your work days are around 14 - 16 hours 6 and 7 days a week you have to get away to refresh and renew or you can get "burned out". (pardon the pun)

We were also blessed to be taken to dinner by another couple in the church, Chad and Kristen and their 2 girls. I don't think I have laughed that hard in who knows when! To be able to fellowship and eat and laugh and get to know people is just what God created us for. He is very explicit about it in the Bible, about how developing relationships is essential. We are so thankful to Chad and Kristen for making us feel welcomed and loved. You guys are awesome. Oh yes, thanks to Kara and Anna also!!!!! :)

Tomorrow is our day to praise and worship our wonderful Creator and we look forward to it. We all need to be refueled and refilled and have a day to sing, worship and praise God. Both Monty and I are so thankful to Him for choosing us to be His servants, to us to work through, sinful as we are, He chose us for this mission and we thank and praise Him for doing so. We hope you will also be in worship come tomorrow and ask that you thank and praise Him for all of your many blessings, and keep the people in the coast in your prayers.

God is good and we are blessed that He first loved us!

Until tomorrow, Susan and Monty

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Barbara Strahan said...

"The Illinois Group" blessed me beyond measure. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. You will never be forgotten. Thanks to God for Montie and Susan in the way HE is using these two people. All Glory nd Honor to Christ our Lord for the blessings bestowed on me and the others of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.