Wednesday, July 03, 2013

WI Habitat Team

They finally got a day without rain!  The sun was shining and the temps nearing 80 when I stopped by for a few pics.  Lunch was ready but they weren't stopping till they reached a stopping point.

Yesterday those walls weren't there.  Great job team!

This team of 8 was joined by some local volunteers and many were sporting Habitat shirts from previous builds they've been a part of.

Everyone found their spot and in doing so made a team work like a team should.  Tomorrow they will be heading home and we cover them with prayers of safe travel and thank them for the blessing they have been while here!  Come on back anytime!

On the other side of my plate ---- working on the Community Outreach to be held next Saturday at Stonegate -- my Tuesday morning Bible Study church.

Yesterday we had a wonderful study which most of us would've sat for another 2 hours learning and listening.  I hitched a ride with my dear friend, Bev.  It's always so much fun to make the trip with her and since we had a team leader meeting in the evening we decided to stay in Bedford all day.

After study we headed to Jimmy's BBQ, which is where we always eat lunch.  This time we had another motive for being there.  Jimmy and his wife, Jerry, have agreed to handle all the food for the outreach!  Jimmy rebuilt an actual train car and turned it into a cooker and he'll be bringing it over to use.  It's amazing to look at and folks can even take a tour of it!  What a blessing they will be -- not to mention they have the best bbq ever!!

After visiting with them for quite awhile (he's starting a ministry of feeding the poor and hopes to be going into the slums of Louisville, KY before too long)  we decided to go shopping for the big screen TV being donated by Kenneth Copeland Ministries.  We found a real deal at Walmart and after getting it all loaded and ready to check out they told us we could not just use a credit card number, we had to have the actual card!  Real problem since KCM is in Texas!

Not to stress (too much) as Bev came to the rescue and decided to use her own card and handle the reimbursement details later!  I love how God works -- but this time we both were wishing He had worked a bit faster as purchasing one TV took over 2 hours!  Oh well --- atleast we had the 2 hours!

It was time to head back to church to prepare for the meeting.  What a huge success as nearly everyone came and we had some great ministry time along with planning!  Everyone is very excited about stepping up and stepping out into something none of them have ever done!  I just know that God is going to show up big time that day and there will be miracles like none of us have ever seen!

After the meeting Bev and I grabbed some fast food dinner and headed off to Sus's house to finalize some of our planning questions.  Another great time of fellowship and getting things done!

Today Bev found a great deal on water and put all those details together.  Another item checked off the list!

Time is ticking.  Tomorrow is a holiday -- another one snuck up on me! 

On Friday we will be heading to the wedding of a dear friend of ours!  What a joy that will be!  He lost his first wife to cancer (she was only 55) and to find love a second time is quite the blessing!  I should know --- God brought Monty and I together -- both for a second love!

I pray all of you enjoy this holiday and don't forget to thank God for all these freedoms we have and take for granted on a daily basis!

Until next time . . . America --- Bless God!                                      Susan and Monty

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