Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wisconsin volunteers are on their way

Last night was pizza buffet with the grandkids and my granddaughter named herself "Cupface" with this trick!!!   Hysterical!

After pizza they asked if we could "go to a store" and chose Walmart since they don't go there very often.

Monty has a "tradition" of giving each of them a dollar each time he sees them.  He says this is the one memory he has of his own grandfather and would like the kids to remember him also.  He told them they could buy something while shopping.  Now what in the world they could get for a dollar?  So I handed each of them another five dollars and when they added it up to six dollars they were thrilled. 

But the thrill didn't last long when everything they found was way over their amount.  As they were looking at one toy I hesitatingly mentioned that they could combine their funds and buy something together!?  Remembering how my own kids would have reacted (not good) I didn't know how this idea would be received.  Surprisingly they decided this was a good idea -- when I explained to Liv that she could give her 5 dollar bill to Luke but would get to keep the 1 dollar!  She was all for that and so we quickly headed to checkout.  Upon checkout Luke realized some change would be coming back and agreed that since Liv had done the "best sister move ever" that he should respond by giving her the change.  The look on her face was priceless as she counted and realized she had 33 cents!!!!! 

Evenings like those are beyond words as one day they will grow up and we won't be fun anymore and by then six dollars may not buy a pack of gum!!!!  But for now ---- thank you Jesus!

As I write this today I am awaiting the arrival of our first team of volunteers coming down from Wisconsin.  This team works solely with Habitat for Humanity and chooses a location within driving distance every summer.  They called and asked if our church would be willing to house them and of course-- yes-- was the answer.  So I will be headed over there in a couple of hours to get them settled in and orientated.  The local Habitat rep will also be there doing her part.  It's a great -- and the first -- opportunity our church has to house volunteers.  Should be a great week and we are so thankful for their hearts of service!

While waiting for them --- today Monty had a big surprise for me -- we went target shooting.  It's the one and only thing I have found in my 59 years on this earth that makes all the noises and planning and "stuff" that is constantly running around in my brain come to a stop  ---- and I love it!  But this afternoon he had another surprise --- a new rifle for me!   A BIG one!!!!!  One that I was determined to not be afraid of (the kickback) and did rather well the first time!

Take a good look at my right shoulder --- was using everything I had to create enough padding!  This thing is a 30-06 (or 30 caliber) rifle ----- an American one!!!!!   The bullets are as big as one of my fingers and what a way to get your kicks on a Saturday afternoon!!!!!!!!!
If you will also check out my left let you will see the "Rifleman" tattoo ---- something I worked hard to achieve and brings some rather interesting looks and comments by folks! 
Until next time . . . bang bang --- from more than our local fireworks popping off now and then!    :)
Susan and Monty

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