Saturday, July 13, 2013

Outreach Day = Amazing!!!!

Yes -- the day finally arrived and it was amazing beyond words!  I'm not going to use a lot of words other than many, many people received many, many blessings and these photos tell the stories!!

Hope you enjoy!

Pastor Jan and his sister taking a break.

My Aunt Miriam, my mother and my dear friend, Sus ---Mom and Aunt Miriam drove an hour just to come and enjoy the outreach!  Gotta love em!

Riley, from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Pastor Martie and Cody sharing stories of praying for folks.

There are no words . . .

Every time the hay ride went out it was packed to near overflowing!

Enjoying the BBQ and hot dogs?  You bet!

Now is he happy or what?  The little guy in the orange shirt next to him is a twin and both of them got their new Mohawk haircuts today!

They were lined up 6 and 8 deep just waiting for a free haircut!

Jimmy's BBQ train -- in the literal sense!  He took this engine (a real one) and turned it into his cooker!  Before 1:00pm he had already served over 600 sandwiches!!!!!

When Monty showed up with the camera Bev only thought she could sneak away!  She worked "potty detail" all day long as well as ministering to those who came in!  Multi-tasking at it's finest!

All in all the day was phenomenal and far surpassed any of our expectations!  But isn't that how God works!  We think we've got an idea -- and then He shows up and makes us realize just how magnificent He is and how awesome it is to be loved by Him!

To all those who worked so hard to make this possible ---- scripture says the blessings will be returned to you 100 fold --- so hang on for a wonderfully blessed ride!

Until next time . . . God truly is an awesome God!                                  Susan and Monty

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