Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wisconsin arrives --- later but arrives!

They made it!  They had expected to be here by 8pm last night but it was nearly 10pm before they got to the church!  No problem.  I met them and got them all settled into their rooms and as I pulled away they were unloading all their stuff and knew to be ready for orientation at 7am this morning.

As you can see -- most of them are middle schoolers -- with an amazing ability to listen and follow instructions!  We were at Don's house by 8am this morning and Don stepped up into the role of mentor and instructor.  It was awesome!  Don has so much experience and skill and stepping in to teach these younger ones --- and have them listen and be obedient -- made for a great day of working.

Getting the subflooring installed in the 2 bedrooms was first priority and they stepped right up and learned how to use the skill saw and measure and make the right cuts.  It may be very hot and humid and they may be working in the sun but they didn't even realize it!

The girls spent the first part of the day working around the outside of the house clearing weeds and general mess.  It looked so much better and they felt a sense of accomplishment that was fun to see.

Her concentration makes me smile!

They already have a game plan for tomorrow -- some working inside and others outside.

Be sure and stay tuned ----- God is moving!                                       Susan

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