Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Juggling the preparations

Yard mowed, thunderstorms held off just long enough. 

Materials on order for Don's -- the volunteers from Wisconsin arrive Monday night and will be raring to go to work on Tuesday morning.  Materials will be delivered on Monday so everything will be there waiting for them.  Thankfully Don has a garage where we can store it all -- just in case mother nature continues to dump rain.

I just talked with the Pastor/team leader for the team and they are all very excited to come and help.  He has quite a few youth, which is always fun for us.  He said they train them in the work they will be doing, thus the conversations we've had are very important.  They will be housed at our Vineyard home church where they will have plenty of room to rest up each evening before starting all over the next day.

I also have been head over heals in the planning of the Community Outreach for Stonegate Faith Center in Bedford.  It's where I attend weekly Bible study and with the visit of an evangelist from Kenneth Copeland Ministries coming for a visit and teaching this weekend the church wanted to do some kind of an outreach.  Since we have both participated and organized many of these kind of events over the years it sort of landed in my lap.  And I love it!

Each of the 15 stations are manned with volunteers.  Everything is free --- from haircuts, manicures, crafts, games, music, food, hayrides and a free garages sale (yep -- totally free) we are ready to go.  The free sale items have already started pouring in and I have more than enough volunteers to have plenty of what I call "floaters"  = those willing to do whatever is needed that day.

It will be held on Saturday from 10am to 2pm, with all of us arriving at 8am for prayer and setup.  The weatherman is already forecasting perfect weather, sunshine with temps in the mid 80's and low humidity!  Thank you God --- You're the best!

In all this planning and preparing I always know that satan is going to rear his ugliness ---after all --- when we are living for God it more than upsets that demon.

Last night when I got home from yet another long day in Bedford putting last minute details together (and thanks to my dear friend and driver, Bev) I noticed our house wasn't very cool inside.  This was even more important since Monty had come home early -- exhausted and drained from too much heat. 

I quickly called my son as he has his own heating and air business (very convenient)!!!!!  He gave us a tip as to what he thought was the problem and sure enough --- when Monty crawled underneath the house before going to work this morning --- my son was exactly right!   All it took was some temporary duct tape (of course -- the fix everything fix), a trip to get some 3ft long zip ties and we are as cool as a cucumber today! 

Moral = too bad satan --- you just WILL NOT win as this household lives for the Lord and you will have no place here!!!!!!

Tomorrow I will be heading south to help sort some of the free sale items ahead of time so when they are all brought to the parking lot on Saturday morning we just might have an idea as to how to organize them?  Well, one can always hope!     :)

And Don is already excited and hopeful that he just might be able to open the door to his back bedrooms by this time next week!

God is oh so good ---- all the time!

Until next time . . . being in the joy of the Lord is a fun place to be!               Susan and Monty

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