Saturday, July 20, 2013

Don's Thank You = Priceless!

I feel I need to give you Don's perspective of this past week, how his life changed and how showing the love of Jesus CAN make more of an impact than telling!

This is - word for word - what Don sent me this morning!  It captures it ALL.

"I hope I expressed my sincere appreciation to all in a manner which was clear and easily understood.  All of the kids worked hard under some sever heat with little complaining and a lot of acceptance that no one is under control of the weather.
Perhaps what struck me most was their willingness to listen and then execute instructions which is indicative of their parental influences.  So . . . kudos to the parents for being good parents and setting fine examples which did not go unnoticed by myself, nor will their examples to the kids as they mature and look back on the younger years of their lives and the examples witnessed.
There was a lot more completed than I anticipated and not only on the back rooms.  It would have been joyous to just sit with the kids and their parents for a time and have a chat but that wasn't allowed given the time frames involved.
As time passes I believe the kids will look back and smile, knowing they did a good thing for a stranger, which in my opinion is a great indicator for where their hearts will guide them in the future.  (Matt. 6:21)  This man, less of a stranger than when we began, will have many memories to recall causing smiles, as well.
A mere "thank you" always seems to feel insufficient to me being on the receiving end of goodness given by others to me, yet many times during my life it is all that was needed when I help others.  I hope each of them comes to understand that good deeds are best kept within and used to guide not only their lives but shared with others in "generic manner" when opportunity presents.  (Matt 5:14-16)
Teaching, or mentoring as the Pastor and I discussed, is the last great gift one can leave behind after a lifetime of experience comes to its eventual end.  Therein resides the greatest of memories and the final smile when one steps into the next realm of our soul's path.
When "Grandpa" and Carl left there were strong handshakes (male communication) between us.  Respect was shared and appreciation understood which went unspoken but still the knowledge existed.  Their efforts will never be forgotten.  Such is the case for ALL who have helped me over the last couple of years.
Each of us is endowed with gifts by our creator.  Discovering those gifts and using them for good throughout our lives is a duty which few seek . . . but to those who do, an inner satisfaction and peace in knowing (and secret -  Matt. 6:18) is a reward without measure.
Recent years have brought forth some dark times in my life but I have always known one needs only to open their eyes and others in greater need will be see close at hand - as is my way, I continue to help others as best as I am able.

So the next time you wonder if reaching out and helping someone really means anything ??? 

Think again -- and DO IT!!!   You WILL change a life --- and your own at the same time!

Until next time . . . Wisconsin ---- YOU ROCK!!!!!!!                            Susan

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