Sunday, July 14, 2013

Success redefined

This morning wasn't church as usual at Stonegate Faith Center.

Those who had signed up for the give away of a 50" flat screen TV and those who signed up for the 4 tickets to Splashin Safari at Holiday World knew that they must be present in church this morning to win.

There were 129 people in church this morning --- seats were packed and souls were saved and hurts were healed!  It was amazing beyond words!

And yes, they were present to win and the lady who won the TV came down the aisle in tears and walked back to her seat with even more tears --- of sheer joy! 

Near the end of the service they asked for those who were suffering from any ailment or pain to come forward for prayer.  I must be brutally honest and admit that I have no problem whatsoever believing in healing prayer --- for other people!!!!  Don't ask me why satan puts this roadblock in my thinking but this morning . . . I did go up front because my lower back has been in severe pain for days.  I kept thinking I would go see my chiropractor but just never made the call.  Walking around all day yesterday on the blacktop didn't help and by this morning I found it difficult to reach down and put on my shoes!  And I've never had that limitation before and wasn't very happy about it.

So I went up front and even though I asked for prayer over my way too low sugar level and blood pressure (thinking adding back pain was just too much -- what a fool to put limits on God --- I know) and after the prayer I didn't really feel any different physically --- until a few minutes later when I got into the truck to leave --- and then realized that the back pain was gone!   Yes --- gone!!!!!! 

Just sayin'   -----   God is truly awesome and even though I couldn't bring myself to "overload" Him with my requests --- He knew anyway and yep --- healed me and took away the pain -- all of it!!!!

Way cool !!!!!!

So after church Monty and I had decided to go to our dear friend's shooting range so I could sort of "escape" in my brain for awhile.  If you haven't heard me say it before --- in my 59 years on this earth getting behind my rifle and focusing on that target in front of me is the only way I've ever found to make the world go away and all the "to-do" stuff stop running through my brain!

That was needed today as I need to shift my gears tomorrow and get ready for the arrival of our volunteer team from Wisconsin who will be spending the week working in Don's house and hopefully getting his 2 bedrooms done!!!!!!

It was a fun afternoon, a blessed day and since "this is the day the Lord has made"  we got the chance to really "rejoice and be glad in it."

Until next time . . . come on down, Wisconsin -- we'll be ready!                   Susan and Monty

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