Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WI Grandpa joins the team

If you look closely you will see that his cheeks are as red as his clothes!

It's HOT!!!!!  And VERY humid . . . and they are working away and accomplishing more in 2 days than I thought they would get done in a week.

The subflooring is all in -- thanks to one of the girls' grandpa who drove over from Shelbyville and brought a friend with him.  They are both expert carpenters and also teachers to the kids.

Started on ceiling insulation and plywood on the exterior -- all in the same day at the same time!

With the high temps along with humidity I have insisted that they take a lot of breaks and drink a lot more water!  They are doing well in both but still are determined to keep going.

They said they planned on cooking dinner last night but changed that plan to ordering pizza delivery!  A much better plan!    :)

As I said, be sure and stay tuned. 

With 2 of the women on their hands and knees pulling weeds and then pulling more weeds and then taking a machete to get even more out --- even the exterior is being transformed --- and in all of this Don is getting life back in him --- I can see a physical change in him every day!  He smiles and doesn't mind being in the heat and truly enjoys teaching and seeing the results!

God is moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . Wisconsin Rocks!                                             Susan

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