Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gutting 101

Mark stopped by Don's yesterday late afternoon.  He had helped work on Billy's house and had just been through disaster relief training and is the disaster coordinator for his church.  I gave him a quick tour and he asked a few questions about bringing a team in to do some inside work.  I explained that there is still quite a bit of gutting to do and all he had to do was let me know.

Later last night he called me and asked if he and another gentleman could come over today and get started!  You bet!

He and Chris met me around lunch time and the first thing they did was to use plastic to cover the entrances to Don's dining area and the second part of his family room to prepare to pull down the ceiling in the damaged family room area. 

We knew this project was going to be quite the mess as the insulation in the ceiling was waaaay old and looked like vermiculite!  Also we discovered that there was a layer of sheetrock with firring strips underneath and underneath those was plaster -- plaster in very bad shape.  So gutting the ceiling was a major project and as you can see -- the mess on the floor is a mess!  By the time they finished the floor had debris nearly knee deep in some places and the air was so thick you could not see inside from the front door.  See the picture below -- taken from the front porch looking directly inside the door!
And you thought I was exaggerating!!

Both of these men are caucasian -- really they are!  You can see the need for specialized face masks!  These were also white.  We use N95 rated ones just for this reason.  They WILL come clean and I know just how good their showers felt when they got home!

Great job Mark and Chris.  We hope you will both come back soon!  You did amazing work and every little bit makes a big difference!

Anyone else want to get in on some gutting?  We still have more to go!

In the meantime -- how about going to church tomorrow and thanking God for all your blessings!!

Until next time . . . God is the God of human impossibilities!  Aren't we glad!     Susan and Monty

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