Friday, April 27, 2012

The "open" house is closed

The start of day 5 had the Hartsville team in the center of Don's roof.  The left end is complete and the right end is complete.   Working their way toward the middle at an amazing rate.

The precision of each cut -- perfection.  They stretch, they bend, they reach and the climb -- whatever it takes to do it right. 

"Brute strength" joined the team after lunch.  John, from our own Vineyard Church came out to help.  He has worked with us at Michael's and even though he has finals next week he came out to do whatever the men needed him to do.  They were enjoying his strength, his determination and his "can do" spirit.  As they cut the old damaged sections John  just pulled them up and tossed them down from the roof as if they were sheets of paper.  They are actually extremely heavy but oh the power of youth and service to others!  John plans to join in as much as his schedule will allow.

Like I said, the accuracy of each cut is measured and remeasured to make certain each roof rafter is perfect.

Toward the end of the day they were covering the entire roof with plastic since there is rain in the weekend forecast.  Dry for the first time in 11 months!!!!!!  No water pouring through the family room ceiling when it rains! 

There she is -- buttoned up for the weekend.  Only 2 more broken rafters to replace and final sheathing to put on and they will be ready to start on the other side of the house.  There are no damaged rafters, just shingles to remove and then we will be ready for the felt paper and shingles!!!!!

And it's only been 5 days worth of work!!!!!

God is still in the business of performing miracles!  I am blessed to get to see them with my own eyes on a daily basis.  This has been a week of miracles --- all around --- with more to come!

Have you seen a miracle lately?  Have you looked for one?

Until next time  . . . get some rest Hartsville team!  We love you!              Susan and Monty

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