Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day of blessings for Michael

Bible study this morning = awesome!

After Bible study = more awesome!  Pastor Martie called me to tell me she "found money" on her car when she came outside!  Money designated for Michael's kitchen!!!!!   Praise the Lord!  We had just prayed for ALL his needs to be met and hadn't hardly said the amen when . . . ta-da . . . His hand of provision once again!!!!

I was already planning on heading directly to his house because today was the scheduled day for the Center for Independent Living to come and bring all the materials and start building the front deck and ramp.  Just as I walked in he was finding out the wonderful news on the donation and within minutes the truck pulled up and Jordan had it loaded with materials!

Not too far behind Jordan was the crew.  They said this was only half of them, they were working on 2 projects today!  What a blessing this organization is and the folks who take time from their own lives to help others! 

Their goal today?  Remove the old temporary deck and get the posts set in concrete for the new one.

Tomorrow they will return to continue their work!  While talking with Jordan she told me how she has all sorts of volunteers to give of their time.  From Boy Scouts to the elderly, she is never without volunteers!  Made my heart glad! 

So today has been a good one.  A day where one can literally see the hand of God moving and feel just how much He cares!

I like days like today!

Until next time . . . we praise and thank you, Lord, for caring about us so much!

Susan and Monty

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