Sunday, April 22, 2012


See how far away those targets are?  See how small they look?  The bottom targets are in inch square! This is shooting in prone position.

We shot standing -- the most difficult for me, for sure.  Steadying the gun is tough.  We shot 10 rounds in 2 minutes!
We shot sitting.  10 rounds, 2 targets, 5 shots in each target, 50 seconds to do so!

Appleseed is an amazing organization that focuses on teaching - both youth and those of us who left their youth a long time ago!  This is only the 2nd one Monty and I have attended.  Before the first one I hadn't even held a gun, let alone shot one.  I didn't know one thing about it. 

This was our second Appleseed.  Yesterday and today we learned and learned some more and practiced and practiced even more before going into today where our shots were actually scored.  After an amazing "lunch" of bbq ribs complete with the works, I figured I wouldn't even be able to get into positions let alone shoot anything.  I thought wrong!  I was able to find the "zone" by mid afternoon and had the time of my life!  I NEVER went into it with the goal of achieving Rifleman.  I went into it with the idea of learning, the plan of doing the best I can and the goal of having a great time doing both.

When they called me up at the end of the day to give me my badge and let me sign the bomb I was shocked to the point of tears!  I couldn't believe it!  What an honor as this organization believes that if we all just do "something" we can make a true difference in our world and even change our world for the better!  A sermon right from my own heart!

It is with great honor I receive this badge.  And with even greater thanks to this organization so intent on helping all of us achieve things that we never thought possible and in doing so -- make a positive difference in our world today!

Monty got a real "bang" out of shooting this firearm that takes these huge Nato rounds!  The sound is incredible with a kick to match!
By the time we got home we were ready to drop!  Yesterday the weather was cloudy with drizzle and windy and we like to froze to death -- all day long.  Today the sun was out most of the day but the winds remained.  We were dressed for it but after 2 full days outside and working harder than you would imagine -- exhaustion sets in along with the excitement!

And just when I thought my day couldn't get any better --- I receive a phone call saying our expert volunteers from Hartsville -- the same team who did the amazing work at Billy's house -- are coming over tomorrow morning to start on Don's house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Can you believe it!!!!!!  After all these months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Praise the Lord and pass the lumber and shingles!!!!!!!!!!!!  They will meet me first thing in the morning when we will put together a materials list and head to Lowes and get started!!!!!

So be sure and stay tuned.  It's going to be a week of blessings, miracles and only God Himself knows what else!!!!!

God is just so amazing and loves us so much!  I, for one, am really happy today!!!!

Until next time . . . is there such thing as a "Rifle - woman"????   Susan and Monty

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