Thursday, April 26, 2012

We're having an "open" house

First photo of the day.  Hartsville starts on the front end of the roof.  This is where a huge, and I mean huge, tree came down.  It was our estimate that every single rafter was broken.  The only way to find out, and to repair it, was to open it up and start the rebuilding.

It was alot more difficult than expected.  "Breaking through" was tough.  Under the shingles is felt paper, under that is roof sheathing and surprise -- under that was a continual line of 1 x 6's.   The only way to get through was to saw through all the layers at one time!  One saw gave out but Don had a backup so the work continued.

I've seen people work "on" a roof before -- but -- "in" one?

Ta-da!!!!  They made it through!  And you bet -- every rafter but 2 was snapped like a small twig.
Can you believes these are 2 x 6's???? 

And the new rafters are going in!  To perfection!  What a blessing these gentlemen are!  Just who God had lined up for the job! 

Tomorrow they will return and continue the rebuilding.  Today was fun to watch those driving by.  Don lives on a major highway and people were looking, staring and some even stopping to see what was going on.  After 11 months -- no wonder!

Please continue to hold these men and this entire project up in prayers.

Until next time . . . Lord, thank you for the sunshine!                               Susan and Monty

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