Saturday, April 14, 2012

IU comes "pouring" in . . .

It's been a busy week.  That's the norm around here!   :)

On Wednesday I made a trip into the city of Holton, IN.  They were hit with the same tornado that struck Henryville and also have major damage.  I was invited to come over and talk about case management and long term recovery.  They have asked me to "mentor" their long term recovery team and to also come and help teach them more about disaster recovery on a long term basis.  They are asking for a couple of 4 hour sessions on a couple of Saturdays and of course I agreed.  Don't know how much help I can be but am always available to share the "on job training" God has given us!

Monday morning I will be traveling back to the New Albany/Henryville areas to do just the same thing I did in Holton.  Don't know where that will lead but God does so . . . "IGO where He sends me".

Still working on trying to find someone -- anyone -- willing to take on Don's rebuild!  I admit that in the 7 years we've been doing this I have NEVER been quite as frustrated as with this project!  I have even talked with the roofers who just put our own roof on a few weeks ago to see if they would be willing to donate either materials or labor and have us pay them for the other! 

But . . . I find I am not alone in trying to find Don some help!  Billy's daughter, Jan has jumped on board and is also pounding the phones and trying to tap her resources!  It's an amazing feeling to have another woman on board who understands and shares the same passion for helping!  Jan --- you are an angel sent from God!!!!

Today was a scheduled work day at Michael's.  We haven't had one in awhile with folks being gone for spring breaks and Easter.  I had a team of IU fraternity guys who had called me a few weeks ago wanting to help out on another project.  Many of them had worked at Don's with gutting and debris cleanup and so . . . when they asked me if I had another project for them . . . I assured them I am never at a loss for projects.

They were more than willing to travel south to Michael's and you can see the pile of dirt in the picture below!  Just waiting for frat boys to tackle!!!!
Seems the city was happy to drop off this huge pile and all it needed was the frat team and some shovels and wheelbarrows. 

They met me late this morning and we were on the road and they were tackling the pile of dirt along with cleaning up the rocks and debris from Michael's yard when the skies literally opened up, the thunder rolled and the lightning struck!  I had to call them out of the yard and underneath the porch on Michael's old house just to get them to stop!  We looked at the radar and waited it out a bit before deciding it was going to be a total washout! 

But . . . they asked if they can come back in a couple of weeks -- and if we work on Fridays!!!!  So we have them rescheduled and this time they know what they are in for and are more than ready to go!  Let's pray for a bit more cooperation from the weather the next time!

Rob did get Michael's new water heater installed and now our next -- and nearly final -- project is the kitchen.  And we must wait on the funding to come through!!!!!!  We need funds for the cabinets, counter tops, sink and faucet and appliances.  This is already custom designed for Michael's needs and all we need is the funding and we'll be ready get this whole project wrapped up and Michael moved in!  He is so anxious ---- and so patient ---- an example for all of us!
Many thanks to the guys for coming out and many thanks for their hearts of service!  We look forward to seeing them again in a couple of weeks!

Until next time . . . "Father, thank you for trusting me with Your work!"             Susan and Monty

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