Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amazing Progress

That was then -- the remains of the back of Don's house.  There are 2 bedrooms underneath there.  You can also see the shreds of the blue tarp that once existed.  This picture was taken in November 2011.

This is today!  What a difference already!!!

Hartsville was back again and this time they were joined by another gentleman who came from the local Baptist church. 

These men are what most would call "retired" or "older" but . . . they figure out a way to get anything and everything done!  And the laughter that comes from the worksite is contagious.
No matter what your age -- would you be able to balance yourself up on the roof and still work?  I will be honest and say a resounding "no"!!!

The shingles are now scheduled for delivery Friday morning.  The IU frat boys volunteering that day will be thrilled to know one of their tasks will be to carry them up and place them on the roof!  We will take full advantage of their young backs and idea of being invincible!

As I write this the thunder is rolling and the rains are falling.  We pray it will not last long so the men can get back to work tomorrow.  Either way -- there is plenty of work for them to do on the inside as well so . . . tomorrow is a new day!

Please remember to keep these volunteers covered in prayers as they are traveling 90 minutes each way in travel both morning and night!

Until next time . . . what an awesome Father we have!!!                       Susan and Monty

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