Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

The beautiful flowers covering our Bradford pear tree in our front yard!

Wishing each of you the wonderful blessings of Easter!  "He is risen" . . . 3 of the most powerful words ever!!!

It's been busy around here.  Still trying to find a team to rebuild Don's house.  I will admit that these long delays are more than frustrating for me and I can't imagine how Don handles it as well as he does.

We will have a team of fraternity boys working at Michael's this Saturday afternoon.  My goal is to have them working on some landscaping and if the weather permits -- possibly getting his roof seal coated and maybe some exterior painting?  Time and temperature will tell.

Our warehouse is at a stand still -- for the moment -- due to not being able to find a location!  This too is a bit frustrating but I know God has it all set up and I am doing my best to try and stand on that promise!

I have also received a couple of offers to help out in the southern IN tornado relief this past week.  I had to put together a resume --- which almost made me laugh --- how do I get these past 7 years of experience on a sheet of paper and still have it make any sense?   :)    But I did the best I could and will let you know how that is coming along.  The drive from here is about 90 plus minutes so we will see how it all works out.

To all of you who have donated to our IGO Disaster Relief division --- our deepest and sincere thanks for your generosity!  Each donation makes it possible for us to do a little more to help others!  If you have not donated and would like to ---- bless you for the thought!  It's so simple to do.  Just make your check payable to "IGO Disaster Relief" and send it to the following address:
IGO Disaster Relief
PO Box 1008
Semmes, AL  36575
Each donation will receive a tax deduction receipt.

If you want an even easier way --- go to our website and at the bottom of the page you'll see the link to be able to donate online!!!!!

Again, we wish all of you the best Easter ever and thank you for continuing to hold us up in prayer!

Until next time . . . He is risen, He is risen indeed!                        Susan and Monty

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