Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ramping Up

Michael's new ramp!!!!!  In the making.  By now it's completely finished and amazing!

This morning my mom and aunt came over to spend the day with me and follow me around in all I had to do.  I needed to get the donated funds for Michael's cabinets, get that money to the bank so I could go to Lowes and spend it.   All of that was accomplished in good time.  The guys at Lowes are always so helpful and they get a kick out of hearing about what we are currently working on.

With the bed of my truck loaded down we stopped for a quick lunch and then headed south to Michael's.  The ramp looked like the above picture when we pulled up.  By the time we left it was nearly complete.

While we were waiting for the deck builders to return Mom and Aunt Miriam took some time to visit with Michael.  They hadn't seen him, or the trailer, since the fundraising festival we had back in the early fall.  What you see is the platform of his old deck -- which made a great work table for the builders.

The deck builders were a double blessing as they jumped in and were able to off load the cabinets from my truck into Michael's home.  In this picture they are carrying in the pantry.

Their attention to every detail is wonderful and really shows in the quality of their work.
As they neared the end of the ramp they were working on getting it matched up at the drive way.

Our deepest and sincere thanks to the Southern Indiana Center for Independent Living for their labor of love!  The materials and the labor are amazing in themselves -- but -- the ministry that was taking place was (and always is) priceless!

I am so happy that my mom and my aunt got to share in today and see for themselves the blessings that come when people take time from their own lives to help others and in doing so become the hands and feet of Jesus Himself!

Until next time . . . God is the perfect boss!                              Susan and Monty

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