Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Word of God is alive and active . . .

Michael and his family had worked all the evening before; moving out all the materials, scraping the floors, shopvacing them and getting them ready for the start of flooring.  What a great job they all did as it saved us alot of time on Saturday morning.  All we had to do was go in and get started.

Rob started with preparing the bathroom floors for the vinyl.  He layed down the luan flooring to assure that the surface would be smooth and flat.  It gets stapled to the existing subfloor.

From there the sheet of vinyl is layed out in the family room floor, marked and cut to fit.   Keith and Michael keep an eye on Rob either making sure he's cutting it properly or learning how to do it themselves??!!

Meanwhile Cody is making sure all the staples are sunk in the flooring as they should be.  Can't have even one sticking up or the vinyl will get torn.

Now it's time to dip the paint roller in the adhesive and cover the newly laid luan flooring and then smooth the vinyl down.  Then Rob takes a very heavy roller to roll over and make certain there are no bubbles underneath.  Then . . . done!

During all of Rob's process Keith is in the back end of Michael's bedroom preparing to install the laminate flooring that will cover the rest of the house.  The insulated foam padding is laid down first, which protects from moisture and helps as a noise barrier.  Then, strip by strip the flooring is measured and cut to fit and put into place.

Once Zac arrived he jumped in to be Keith's assistant.  It's a great teaching opportunity as Zac and Cody and family will take over the flooring installation during this upcoming week when volunteers have to go back to work. 

Mid afternoon brought Sus and Schel over to see all the progress.  Schel immediately got involved in an electrical "issue" which really turned out to be rather funny in the end.  As they looked and tested and searched Sus and I said a quick prayer that God would "reveal the hidden."  Within seconds they realized that an electrical box had been covered over when the walls were installed and ta-da, the problem was fixed when the box was opened up and wired in!  Atleast Sus and I were smiling!!!

The day was an amazing day!  The team ended up working until dinner time when Sus and Schel treated them to a bean dinner being held at one of the local churches!  What a great time for all of them and what a great blessing to work all day and then have such a blessed ending!

The flooring looks great and is a dramatic change --- but --- the most dramatic change is in Michael's face!  His smile would cover the earth if possible!  Zac and I were talking about it when we happened to be outside at the same time.  I overheard Zac make a screeching noise and at first thought he was frustrated about something.  When I asked him -- he said he was just so excited for Michael that he had to "let it out!"  That joy of the Lord thing combined with the Word being alive and active!

Our deepest thanks to all who have been sacrificing their "days off" to come and be a blessing.  I know each and every one of you has been, and will continue to be, blessed in return!

Until next time . . . is your faith alive and ACTIVE???                  Susan and Monty

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