Sunday, February 05, 2012

New mercies every morning

The two pictures below show the awesome job Monty did with the skirting on Michael's trailer!  Most of it was donated from another trailer that had been relocated, the rest was purchased with the funds that came in from donating angels!
This is the front, sign still in tact and showing everyone who drives by just Who is in charge here!
View of the back - which will also transform when we get to adding the deck and ramp!

Yesterday the focus at Michael's was getting the ceilings painted.  Michael's cousin, Cody was ready and waiting when I arrived with the painting supplies.  Keith was on his way as soon as he finished at the car lot.  His son is now driving age so the car Keith has been driving was passed down and Keith got the chance to get himself a new one!  And even after all that (we all know what a hassle that can be) he came and worked at painting!

Rob also came and by the end of the day they had nearly all the painting completed.  Keith will return this next weekend to finish the cut in -- he does such a great job that we gave the entire job to him!

I had to be in and out early as I still had to drop a work bench to our secretary and her husband in their new home.  The rains didn't help things but it got done and I was on my way back home to spend the rest of the day with my mother, my aunt and my daughter and her family.

It was fun taking my mother and aunt to see my daughter's family's new house.  She has worked so hard in decorating and it's just so beautiful! 

We all got to enjoy a nice luncheon together and from there their family had plans with the kids and we headed out to do a bit of grocery shopping.  By the time we got home it was time for them to head home.  A great way to spend a cool and rainy day!

This morning Michael and Cody came to our church.  Everyone was so excited to meet Michael and get the chance to put a face to all the work the've been hearing about.  I know he was a bit embarrased when he was introduced but I think the warmth of the people crowded around him at the end of the service took the embarrassment away!  He and Cody were still visiting when we left!

And now we are heading into a new week!

Tomorrow I will be getting a materials listing for Billy's house and the work will begin there on Tuesday morning!  Pastor Randy and his church and his friends are going to take on the entire project!  What a blessing!  So they will start with replacing the ceiling in his dining room and then move outside to replace all the siding on one side of the house and repair both sides of what used to be retaining walls before the tornado.  We are so thankful to Pastor Randy and Mark for taking on the whole thing and know Billy will have his socks blessed right off his feet --- as will the volunteers doing the work!

So be sure and stay tuned . . .

Until next time . . . pray for a safe Super Bowl this evening!!!!                   Susan and Monty

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