Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Billy's Blessings; Day 1

Early this morning I was off to Lowes to pick up all the material I had ordered yesterday.  The volunteers were on their way and ready to start both inside and outside.  The orders were already pulled from the shelves and the tickets ready for my signature and within 10 minutes I was out the door and on my way to the church for day 1 orientation.

These men drove all the way from Hartsville, Indiana; about an hour and a half away.  They didn't mind and even joked that some had not even eaten breakfast!  But they were ready to get to work.

Immediately after the orientation we headed to Billy's and he was also waiting and ready to go.  They got my truck of materials unloaded, which wasn't an easy task since they opted to work with 12' long sheetrock and it's a bear to handle, no matter how you do it.  They were up for the task and before long it was inside the house and they were off to rent a lift to make the installation process a bit easier.

The men outside were ready to start putting up the insulation which goes underneath the vinyl siding.  They had already removed all the old damaged siding yesterday and it would be loaded on my truck a bit later in the day.

I headed off to pick up the siding.  It had to be ordered from someplace else and they made it so easy to get all the details accomplished.  It was also loaded on the truck quickly and after lunch I would deliver it to the team.

At lunch time the team treated Billy to lunch at the local Steak and Shake and from the sounds of it they all had a really good time.

They came back and unloaded the siding and went straight to work.  The first starter pieces went up and from there the only direction they were concerned with was upwards!

By mid afternoon the men inside had nearly all the sheetrock on the ceiling in the dining room and were determined to work late enough in the day to get the first coat of mud on.  They were more than thankful that they had rented the lift and even found that to be a bit of a challenge since the room isn't all that large and manuevering was less than easy.  But the smiles on their faces and the sound of all their laughter proved that the joy of the Lord was in their hearts and nothing was too difficult for them.

Billy was smiling from ear to ear and working away like a little worker ant.  He had a magnet outside picking up nails from the roofers who put the new metal roof on a few months ago.  From there he was here and there -- the man loves to clean!  He told me today that his wife kept the house clean (she passed away in 2008) and he was determined to do the same!  He also told me that this was incredible and he was having so much fun!

God had this team selected for this time and for this project -- His divine connection once again shining through and telling me that He has it all under control! 

The "before" picture of the side of the house after the old damaged siding has been removed.
Here you can see the very first starter strips beginning to go up and Billy down by his basement garage picking up nails with his rolling magnet.  You can also see the retaining wall on the left that has fallen in and how the one on the right is leaning.  This team has plans to repair both!
Just an example of the smiles I was talking about!  Priceless!
Even with the lift (the yellow thing) hanging sheetrock that is 12 feet in length is a job!
Pastor Randy had the job of cranking the lift as the others make sure it's in the right place.  Tough to crank and look up at the same time!
The first pieces of siding are up.  It may be an uphill climb but the guys were laughing saying they were getting too warm!  This side of the house is on the west side and it was a very sunny day!  But they also know this is Indiana and tomorrow the weather could be totally different!  I told them they were good till the sun goes down!  They laughed!!!!!

Awesome day for the volunteers, for Billy and for me!  But even more awesome for God to see His people doing what He called them to do . . . help the people!

Thanks Pastor Randy and the Hartsville team!  We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow so be sure and stay tuned!

Until next time . . . remember -- we may be the only Jesus someone sees!            Susan and Monty

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